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Marijuana Effects: New Study Shows Casual Use Changes The Brain Of Young Adults

Casual marijuana use may affect the brain of young adults more than what people originally thought according to a study done on marijuana effects that was recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Marijuana Effects

The actual shape and size of the emotion and motivation regions of the brain in a young adult differs in a person who smokes marijuana (even at just once a week) versus that of a non-drug user’s brain. As a result, this new research will help scientists and doctors better understand the long-term effects of causal marijuana use on the brain.

Marijuana is the most used illicit drug in the U.S. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Mental Health, over 18 million Americans reported using marijuana. Research shows that marijuana effects are associated with a person’s motivation, focus, learning, and memory. The fact that light use of marijuana shows a significant difference between the development of a casual marijuana smoker and a non-drug user should alarm young adults and parents alike.

The reality is this, young minds and bodies need to be able to grow to the best of their abilities. Substances like alcohol, drugs (including marijuana), and any other damaging substances may diminish full potential to living long and healthy lives.

As we begin to see marijuana legalization expand throughout the United States, we will hopefully be able to continue research to determine what the short-term and long-term marijuana effects are. The more we educate ourselves, our youth, and our communities, the more we will be able to help alleviate the growing drug problem we have in our Nation. We cannot eliminate all the drugs on the planet, but we can help prevent future drug abusers by raising awareness.

Marijuana Effects: Legalize or Not?

There are many people that are supportive of the use of marijuana and even feel it is safer than alcohol, but a drug is a drug and the safer high to obtain is the simple high of life. Getting active, helping others, and living life in gratitude are among the best highs any human being can obtain. Marijuana is just another quick escape from reality and is short lived. Imagine a world where everyone got high on life?

We want to know your thoughts about marijuana. What is your experience with marijuana and should it be legal? Let us know in the comment thread below.

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