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New Marijuana Dispensaries Include Terminated Workers and Low Inventory

Marijuana dispensaries have never existed in Seattle until Washington’s legalization of the drug for the state.  Regardless of anyone’s opinions on the matter, history was made when Cannabis City became the first of legal marijuana dispensaries to open in the area.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Wiped Clean at Cannabis City

Cannabis City was not even open a full week before their inventory was completely wiped out of stock.  Set to re-open on July 21, the only one of marijuana dispensaries is preparing for another sellout.  Originally, the store opened to the public with 10 pounds, if not more, of marijuana.  The store actually had to put a maximum on the amount of marijuana each customer was allowed to purchase, in order to have kept their store open as long they had.  They were allowing the maximum to .2 ounces (6 grams), whereas normally it could go up the legal limit of 1 ounce (28 grams).

First Customer at Green Leaf Fired and Rehired

In Washington, the gentleman who became the first customer at another marijuana dispensary called Green Leaf was aired to the public; of those watching was his employer.  It was 30-year-old Mike Boyer who had waited a reported 19 hours in line when he was filmed with reporters holding his crafty sign reading, “We don’t line up for Black Friday; we line up for Green Tuesday.”  It was believed by the public that as a result of his brief moment of fame, he was terminated from his job at TrueBlue.  It is true that the employer required him to take a drug screen after having seen him in line to purchase marijuana.  However, TrueBlue has claimed that firing Boyer and the reason behind it was quite the mix up.

“We were not aware that he had taken the day off. He was scheduled to work, we saw him on TV that he was under the influence, and that caused us to start a process of screening. When we realized that he was not on assignment, we reinstated him. … Pot is legal, and we know that.” stated Stacey Burke, TrueBlue Vice President of Communications, in a recent interview with NBC News.

Since he wasn’t officially on the clock for work while high on marijuana, or purchasing it at one of the marijuana dispensaries, the company admitted they were wrong to order the man to take a drug test and fire him, hence they offered to rehire Boyer for their mistake. This type of situation has been compared to another well-known legal drug, alcohol.  If someone is of 21 years of age or older and not working while consuming alcohol, the work place typically has no authority to terminate them for drinking on their own time.  The same rules of this seem to apply for marijuana now that it is legal in Washington.

Other Marijuana Dispensaries in WA

Following not extremely far behind in Colorado’s lead of legalization of marijuana and opening of marijuana dispensaries, Washington is slowly trudging on with its progression of store openings.  There are said to be over multiple hundreds of applications for marijuana sellers that need to be reviewed for licensing by the state.  In addition to this, approval must be met for the plant growers as well.  Officials on the matter claim that once the beginning stages are settled, and over time, the stock of marijuana and amount of stores in Washington will rise.

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