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Love Addiction: The Concept Behind The Dependence on Love

Not many people are aware of the true concept of having a love addiction.  Because people have fed one another’s conversations with beliefs about love, and media has additionally romanticized the idea of eternal love through books, movies, and music, society has developed a strong desire for deep, affectionate love.  With naïve thoughts on the matter that keep people concealed from the necessity of healthy boundaries in relationships, love addiction can go unnoticed often.

Different Kinds Of Love Addiction

To many people’s surprise, love addiction can pose serious threats when a love addict is in the worst of their addiction.  This can sometimes lead to stalking, rape, abuse, suicide, murder – all crimes of passion.  You may be wondering what a love addiction means and how it could get severe enough to pose threats like that.  Just as there are different types of love you can have for people, there are different kinds of love addiction.  One way that many people indulge in an unhealthy addiction of love is by trying to holding on to an unrequited love, and trying to manipulate the other person into feeling the same.  There is a lack of control associated with love addiction, just as with other process addictions like eating disorders, shopping addiction, and sex addiction. Acting out promiscuously or not at all can be other ways of unhealthy variations of misconceived love.  Maybe for another person, love addiction is where they lack the ability to commit so they jump from one relationship to the next.  An obsession with the idea of love can even pertain to this disease.  The commonality of all these different types of unhealthy perceptions on love is that the person experiencing them is powerless over those thoughts and they lose control over how they act because of those thoughts.

How To Handle Love Addiction

Since each person’s addiction may vary substantially from the next, you may be wondering how recovery for the disease works.  For some, therapy is the primary method of their choice as far as treatment.  Being able to have an outside perspective on their unhealthy way of coping can help the person discover new ways to deal with feelings appropriately.  The sufferer may figure out that there is an underlying root cause of their need to defer their focus onto something they falsely believe they have control over.  Also, just as there are 12-Step Fellowships for alcoholics, individuals with eating disorders, addicts, and more, there are meetings for a program specified for those suffering from a love addiction as well (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, SLAA).  This program works just as any other 12-Step Fellowship would, and allows the sufferer freedom from their obsession.

Despite love addiction becoming noticed more now than before, and thus questioned greatly by society, there is a lot to still be learned of the disease.  Addiction is a complex disease to begin with, and the facts about it have come a long way due to more scientific research being done and proven since addiction originally was thought of as a moral dilemma.  For now, love addiction does not go entirely overlooked, and sufferers have resources to reach out to today.

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