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Liza Minnelli in Rehab: Star Seeks Treatment for Substance Abuse

Liza Minnelli in RehabIn the news now: Liza Minnelli in rehab for substance abuse issues. Liza Minnelli has made it clear in the past that she has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. Considering her mother Judy Garland died from an overdose, it’s necessary Minnelli address the issue now before it progresses any further than it already has.

Liza Minnelli in Rehab through the Years

Though Liza Minnelli might be more commonly recognized as the daughter of Judy Garland, Minnelli is also widely associated with her role in the hit 1972 musical “Cabaret” where she played Sally Bowles. However, dealing with her mother’s overdose in 1969 was particularly difficult and took a hefty emotional toll.  When Minnelli entered rehab during 1984, the actress left the musical “The Rink.”  She went to the well-known addiction treatment center the Betty Ford Clinic to treat her addiction to prescription painkiller Valium. By 2004, she would land herself in another rehabilitation facility.

In 2008, Liza Minnelli finally opened up about her substance use issues in a quote to the Guardian, “My whole life, this disease has been rampant. I inherited it, and it’s been horrendous, but I have always asked for help.” Despite the statement, the actress turned down the opportunity for a spot on “Celebrity Rehab,” which was allegedly going to give her half a million dollars! As of right now, Liza Minnelli, at 69 years old, has decided it is now time to address the pending matter of her substance abuse issues and just entered a drug rehab in Malibu, according to TMZ. “Liza Minnelli has valiantly battled substance abuse over the years and whenever she has needed to seek treatment she has done so,” Scott Gorenstein, a spokesperson for the actress, confirmed and went on to mention, “She is currently making excellent progress at an undisclosed facility.”

Link between celebrities and drug use

There is a noticeable trend between public figures and their rampant substance abuse.  The prevalence of their use can be seen throughout history, even just judging by Liza Minnelli’s own mother, Judy Garland.  What is it about the limelight that entices celebrities to abuse drugs as much as they do?  The cultural impact of celebrity drug use on society is tremendous and it adds a heavy weight to the public health issue the nation sees when it comes to the war on drugs.  People look up to celebrities, so when they see them abusing substances, they are far more likely to be inclined to experiment with them out of curiosity or even begin to perceive certain substances as socially acceptable.

According to the Public Slate, Liza Minnelli has stated before, “You can fight [addiction] with information and with clarity.” Hopefully, the celebrity is able to gain this clarity by utilizing the resources from treatment to ultimately achieve and maintain sobriety as a result.

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