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Lisa Marie Presley Lands In Rehab After Divorce

Lisa Marie Presley RehabLisa Marie Presley, daughter of the late superstar, Elvis Presley, has checked into a rehab facility in Los Angeles, CA after her separation from her husband of 10 years, Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Presley Goes To Rehab

There have been several rumors about the couple’s relationship. Presley expressed concern for her daughters, suggesting that her husband was “unsafe.” The details of the full story are unknown at this time, but speculation is that there may have been abuse in the home. Presley has requested full custody of their 7-year-old twins.

In 2013, Lisa Marie Presley admitted that she suffered from a substance abuse issue, but insisted she was never an addict. She credits her recovery from her previous drug abuse problem to Scientology’s celebrity rehab center.

After years of controlling her substance abuse issues, it would appear that Presley has suffered a relapse as a result of her troubled marriage. Her personal treatment plan reportedly includes a $400,000 detox program and medical team.

Admitting A Problem

Will Presley recover and stay recovered from her substance abuse problem post-rehab? Only time will tell. From our experience as one of the leading addiction treatment centers in the nation, those who try to control their drinking and drug use without admitting that they fully suffer from the illness of addiction, tend not to stay clean and sober long. This is because addiction is a progressive and chronic brain illness that affects both the mind and body. Without a long-term recovery plan in place, many addicts or substance abusers will not stay clean and sober after rehab. This does not mean that treatment does not work; it simply means that once a person has completed treatment, it is up to them to utilize the tools that were given to them to continue their journey in staying recovered.

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