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4 Lies Addicts Tell Themselves That Prevent Long-term Recovery

Lies-Addicts-Tell-ThemselvesMost addicts will get in the way of their own success in recovery based on the lies that they tell themselves. What if you or someone you loved could recover long-term if only they would get honest, be open-minded, and have the willingness to follow through with a program of action? It’s true and it can happen today when addicts stop telling themselves these lies.

Lies Addicts Believe

Lie 1: Never Get Clean

Many addicts believe they are doomed either because they can’t stop using drugs on their own, or when they have stopped, they end up relapsing. But there is a reason this happens and it has nothing to do with willpower (see lie #3). The reason is that the majority of those in long-term recovery were able to stay clean by following a few certain steps and suggestions on a daily basis. They didn’t just go to treatment believing that their time in a rehab would allow them to stay off drugs and alcohol without any further action post-graduation. Rehab allows an individual to work through issues, learn about the disease of addiction, and receive tools and resources to continue on a journey of abstinence. Action on the individual’s part post-rehab is necessary in order to stay in recovery.

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Lie 2: Have To Hit A “Rock Bottom”

An addict doesn’t have to be physically near death, emotionally destroyed, or even lose everything in order to hit a rock bottom and get clean and sober. A bottom is different for each person and it can be reached at any point of any individual’s active addiction. Some do go down to the bitter end before getting into recovery, where others simply reached a point in their addiction where enough was enough. Recovery can be obtained no matter what bottom is met.

Lie 3: Lack Willpower

Recovering from addiction has nothing to do with willpower, but rather willingness. Most addicts have extremely impressive willpower when it comes to many areas of their lives. It takes a lot of dedication, perseverance, and willpower to push through the many obstacles of active addiction. Recovery is different – it requires more willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness in order to achieve it. Willingness to take the suggestions and turn their will and their power over to something greater than themselves; the honesty to admit help is needed and that they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve recovery; the open-mindedness to the fact that they may not have all the answers, and that suggestions from those who have already done this before may know what is right for them. All these factors and more have nothing to do with willpower and have everything to do with willingness.

Lie 4: Morally Corrupt

Many addicts feel that they are worthless and morally corrupt and that is why they do the things they do. The truth is that addiction is a disease and can affect anyone no matter how strong their faith is or how good of a person they are. It’s a chronic, progressive brain disease that wants the person dead, so the more worthless an addict feels, the more power and control the disease has. Most addicts are not bad people trying to get good; they are sick people trying to get well. We need to look at this as an illness, and not a moral failing.

Now that we have become armed with the facts about addiction and the lies that addicts tell themselves that can prevent recovery from happening, what can we do about it? Stop lying to yourself and others and get the help you or your loved one deserves. Recovery is possible and it can happen today to anyone who wants it.

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