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Letting Go To Completely Transform Yourself

Embracing what “letting go” looks like and completely transforming is one of the more difficult and recurrent concepts to grasp in an addict’s early recovery.  Is it where you can just effortlessly release all negative thoughts and honestly not desire to snatch your will right back by retracting them in the quickest fashion?  Does letting go look more like possessing the ability to not let anyone’s words or actions creep into your own ideals?  Could it really be possible to have the capability of deliberately choosing to move on and become a “new” person?  Does this mean the “old” you is permanently gone, or will some part of you always remain the same?  What on Earth does letting go and being free look like?  These types of questions are sure to pop up when on the journey of seeking sobriety and re-defining yourself, because we realize we can no longer hold onto who we were, but instead have to participate in letting go and completely transforming.

Letting Go

Easy Does It

It’s important to remember that our addiction did not form overnight.  The same applies to recovery, because the process that allows for letting go and complete transformation, truly takes time.  We don’t wake up the day after we decide we want to stop abusing our substance of choice and all of a sudden have a positive outlook on life.  It would be nice and easy if it worked like that, but by trudging through certain steps that open our eyes to beliefs, we are given the time to take inventory of the harm that was both inflicted on and caused by us, work on our character defects, make amends, and explore a new way of life.  These provide us the ability to understand what letting go is, and how we can completely transform as we move forward with a positive development of ourselves.  Over time, the things we say, do and feel, change when we are letting go and allowing ourselves to completely transform.  It may be uncomfortable and even a little scary at first, but it will ultimately be rewarding.

Don’t Compare

When you see other people light up when they speak about their triumph, you may feel frustrated for not having that same sense of enlightenment.  Remember that “comparison is the thief of joy.”  You can’t rush your recovery, and everyone comes to new realizations at different points.  In other words, each person’s route is unique on the map of recovery.  Also, try to keep in mind that the person you envy for their new outlook on life has probably felt how you feel and they understand where you’re coming from.  It’s crucial to remind yourself that we are never in this alone.

Above all, never give up.  Even when you feel that no progress is occurring, just keep doing what you’re doing, because when it comes down to it, if you didn’t let the disease of addiction overpower your thoughts and cause you to slip in your recovery, then you are doing just fine.  This alone shows the progress you have made with letting go and completely transforming.

Overall, try to be open-minded because letting go of a past that cannot hurt you anymore isn’t a quick action.  In some cases, many great supports will give you the suggestion to let go, but it takes a while for this to actually sink in and take to heart.  Not to mention, as addicts we may be a little stubborn and have to learn certain lessons on our own that others tried to teach us from their own experience.  So what does it look like to let go and completely transform?  It may not even really “look” like anything at all, as it may simply be more of a feeling that one day hits you like a bunch of bricks where you are overtaken with a sense of relief and serenity.

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