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Ketamine Effects Show Mental Health Benefits In Derivative Drug HNK

Most people would typically associate Special K with the popular cereal brand, but a good majority of drug addicts on the other hand, may instinctively associate the phrase as being a street name for the illegal drug ketamine.  The drug is categorized as an anesthetic, most frequently used by veterinarians, but sometimes used when necessary on human patients by doctors, for sedation.  It is typically found in the form of a liquid and ketamine effects are most beneficial when administered intravenously, but it is seen more as a powder when sold on the street as an illicit drug.

Ketamine Effects In Byproduct

Creating similar ketamine effects and being nearly identical in chemical structure to ketamine, hydroxynorketamine, or HNK for short, has recently displayed proof of its potential to alleviate symptoms for sufferers of depression. Ketamine has recently been showing improvement in those attempting to manage stubborn forms of depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, to name a few.  In its tranquilizing nature, ketamine is already used in the country as a method of inducing anesthesia patients in the hospital, but comes with unwanted ketamine effects like a possible link to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  The drug is also known for being overly potent in its drug nature, which is why it is infrequently used on humans.  Without some of the side effects of ketamine, HNK has the same proven treatment for depression but without such an extremely sedating result.

The Test Behind HNK

Lab rats were tested to positively determine the ketamine effects in comparison to HNK.  After ketamine, HNK, and an additional similar chemical called norketamine, were intravenously administered to the rats, HNK proved to bring redevelopment of brain neurons in the brain of the rats, in addition to reinstating the idea that it is identical in treatment for depression as ketamine. Unlike its predecessor, HNK does not seem to have properties that make the brain susceptible to showcasing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  In addition to this, HNK had also shown that it decreases chemicals that are associated with causing and worsening both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, making it a possible new and likely-to-be-used treatment for the two diseases.

All in all, HNK may prove effective as it takes the better ketamine effects without any of the nasty ones that ultimately left ketamine classified as a Schedule III drug.  This is groundbreaking as far as treatment of diseases are concerned and should be a positive discovery, as long as drug abusers don’t fall under the misconception that ketamine itself is okay to use as a form of self-medication – especially if it’s bought on the street where anything can be mixed in with the substance.  Ketamine is an addictive substance and should not be abused.  With this said, new experiments in configurations of drugs are always underway by scientists and doctors, as they hope that the benefits of the drugs will outweigh any negative effects.

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