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Keith Urban Rehab To Sobriety: Concert Goers Drunk and Dangerous

Keith Urban RehabAfter fans reading about the Keith Urban rehab to recovery story, who would have thought that one of his concerts would result in about 22 hospitalizations and 46 special care treatments for audience members?  As Urban himself described his show as “nutso,” the people who attended the performance certainly made it memorable, to say the least.  The root cause of Urban’s depiction of the show was the outstanding number of fans’ reaction to the over-consumption of alcohol.

Keith Urban Rehab

The Keith Urban rehab story is not an unfamiliar report from the news.  In 1998, the singer spent some time in a facility to treat his addiction to cocaine.  Following a relapse, it was surely not easy for Urban to drop everything and head back to rehab in 2006.  He had just married Nicole Kidman and was touring to promote his music, but his alcohol and cocaine addiction left him no choice.  Urban went on to say that it was time to “make a decision” about where he was going with his life “once and for all,” adding that he had been at a “crossroads before and always taken the wrong road.”

Was Keith Urban rehab ready?

This meant a potential bump in the road for his newly sealed relationship and various concert cancellations.  In choosing to focus on recovering from his addictions, he knew it was a dangerous gamble when it came to what that would mean as far as Kidman was concerned.  Fortunately enough, Kidman stuck by his side and the struggle helped the two “fuse together.”  The two say that they remain in a close relationship and are in complete support of one another, which is important for a recovering addict to have.  The man actually attributes Kidman as a key component in salvaging his life and supporting the Keith Urban rehab event, claiming that this past go-round with treatment was unlike any other.  With her by his side, he grasped the idea of a love not just with her, but also with himself.  Now clean and back to performing concerts after selling multiple albums, Keith Urban seems to have found some peace and even became a father of two girls with Kidman.  The gifts of recovery are endless.  It’s amazing what can change when an addict finds and lives a new way of life.

Intoxication at Keith Urban Concert

With dozens upon dozens of guests requiring aid for their excessive intake of alcohol, the Keith Urban performance in Massachusetts on Saturday night hit the media quickly.  There were ambulances, police, and firefighters scrambling to the scene of the country singer’s venue near Boston.  The night resulted with over 50 viewers being taken away by police for possibly heavy legal issues.  A policeman went on to state, “Last evening’s Keith Urban concert was not anticipated to present with the volume of issues handled, but measures were in place to provide appropriate and adequate care and protection to all patrons.”  Officials seemed to know how to handle the situation.  It’s not unusual for chaos to erupt quickly, especially considering how frequent it has become for both concerts and music festivals to get out of hand.  Although, the fact that Keith Urban is a recovering addict and alcoholic himself, it is a bit ironic that he found the fiasco “so cool,” and even went on to add, “What a great night tonight — it was killer.”  Despite reminiscing of pre Keith Urban rehab days, the famous singer appears more than grateful for the sober life he lives today.

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