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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Mayor Rob Ford – Video

mayor-rob-fordRob Ford just can’t seem to catch his breath or a break. Recently Ford (@TOMayorFord) tweeted about daylight savings time and told his followers, “Daylight Saving Time starts this evening, turn your clocks back.” This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if Mayor Rob Ford wasn’t already in the spotlight for his unusual behaviors and scandalous actions. Did anyone see him recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Live? Rob Ford didn’t do so well in the interview, and brought further attention to his potential substance abuse problem.

Mayor Rob Ford

The Toronto Mayor came out on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show wearing a black suit, black shirt, and bright red tie, which seemed to match his bright red face. As the interview started, Jimmy Kimmel just got right into it – he brought up all the mayor’s dirty laundry between the domestic violence, drug abuse, drunk driving, as well as all his other shenanigans. As the interview continued, Mayor Rob Ford started sweating profusely – so much so that Jimmy Kimmel dabbed him with a tissue. The icing on the cake was when Kimmel showed a video collage of different Ford videos (some that Ford knew were being taped and others he was unaware of). You can clearly see Ford bowing his head in embarrassment in a few of them, but no real accountability was taken for any of his actions.

The interview then took a hard turn when Jimmy Kimmel said, “If you are an alcoholic …if you are drinking enough that you try crack in your forties and you don’t remember it – maybe that’s something you might want to think about.” To which Mayor Ford replied, “I wasn’t elected to be perfect; I was elected to clean up the mess that I inherited.” His dismissal of his actions portrays a man intent on ignoring his own mess of a life. Kimmel then went on to say that it’s just something to think about, and that he shouldn’t be ashamed, but that it could also help other people. Mayor Ford completely avoided the conversation and had difficulty looking Kimmel in the eyes.

Jimmy Kimmel Mayor Rob Ford Video Clip, Part 1

Notorious Mayor Rob Ford doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Just because of his actions in the last year, we can’t help but wonder if the Mayor will be willing to at some point admit that he has a problem with drugs and alcohol. His erratic and out of control behaviors really do point to the behaviors similar to those who suffer from substance abuse issues. If Mayor Rob Ford is struggling with substance abuse, we hope that he eventually gets the help that he deserves. Although his actions may be less than desired (especially from someone in elected office) and he has caused a lot of harm, he is still a human being. If we are going to help break the stigma of addiction, we have to treat this like a disease. We need to help others recover from addiction, and not put them down – even Mayor Ford. We may not like the symptoms that accompany the disease of addiction, but denial and irrational behaviors is one of them, and the Mayor may be suffering more than anyone knows.

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