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Jackie Chan Ashamed Of Son, Jaycee Chan, After Recent Drug Arrest

Jackie Chan, action choreographer and actor,  is also known for his advocacy against the use of drugs.  Jackie’s work recently was turned upside down when he found out his son, Jaycee Chan, was arrested with some drug charges in Beijing, China. Jackie is reported saying “I am very ashamed, shocked and heartbroken.”

Jaycee Chan Arrested For Marijuana

Jaycee Chan, a 31-year-old musician-actor was arrested for drug charges with Kai Ko, an actor from Taiwan.  Both men were found to have a minimal amount of marijuana on hand and in their systems.  Following this, police underwent a search throughout Jaycee’s household and uncovered over 100 grams of marijuana as well.  In addition to this, he is also accused of “hosting others to take drugs.”  As a result, Jaycee Chan could end up with a three year stay in jail by Chinese law.

Jacycee’s representatives that manage his career at M’Stones International went ahead to make an official apologetic announcement that claimed they would “supervise his rehabilitation and help him return to the right path.”  Jaycee’s friend, Kai Ko, gravitated toward a more personal approach by going public on television announcing, “I very much regret about what happened.  I’m very sorry to those who support me, like me or even know me personally.  I just want to tell them I’m really sorry.  I’ve set the worst example, which had the most terrible influence.  And this is a huge mistake.”

The odds are not in Jaycee Chan and  Kai Ko’s favor when it comes to getting out of the consequences that his charges bring because China is in the midst of its greatest attempt at termination of all illegal drug use and distribution.  In fact, officials tracked that just about 7,800 citizens in Beijing had been penalized for their drug crimes.  President Xi Jiinping claimed in June that he would follow through with ending China’s war on drugs.

Celebrity Drug Addicts Targeted

Anti-drug advocate Pi Yijun is confident in his belief that celebrities who use drugs are sought out as a target by officials in order to send a message to their “large number of fans” because “their behavior tends to have a huge influence on young people.”

With Jackie being named an ambassador for the anti-drug movement in 2009, this arrest can put not much else between the father and son duo other than distress.  Ko also had his name attached to the anti-drug world, as he was part of it a couple years ago when he sang among other stars, “I don’t use drugs.”  Perhaps this is why he felt it was necessary to issue an apologetic statement to the public.

Jackie Chan Speaks Up

Life can be magnified for anyone in the public eye when they have done something wrong, but even their well-known family may suffer consequences simply just by being associated with them.  Jaycee’s father Jackie expressed that he felt “ashamed” over the ordeal his son was publicly involved in.  On a Chinese social networking site called Sina, the star went as far as to say that he was “extremely angry and extremely shocked” at Jaycee’s actions.

Although Jackie Chan feels anger towards his sons actions, if Jaycee Chan is afflicted with an addiction, he may not have the power of choice over use. Shaming a drug abuser or an addict will not help stop substance abuse problems long-term, but treatment will. We hope that this incident will help shed light on the drug abuse problem our world is facing and help those that are still suffering.

Addiction is a disease and without help, it can consume ones life. If you are looking for treatment and don’t know where to start, contact The Watershed now, we can help.

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