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Is Justin Bieber On Drugs? Molly And Xanax Found In Home

Is Justin Bieber on drugs? During the search of the 19-year-old pop star’s home on the 14th of January, LA County Sheriff’s Department reportedly found Molly and Xanax. The search was brought on due to a suspected vandalism case with his neighbors, who reported to have been “egged” by Bieber. The extensive damage adds up to be a $20,000 fix, along with a felony, jail time and possible deportation for Beiber if convicted. Through all of the “strange behavior” brought on by this young star, is Justin Bieber on drugs?

Is Justin Bieber on Drugs?

Sources at E-News report that Bieber had five or six houseguests sleep over when they were all woken by the sound of the authorities at the door. It has been reported that Justin for the most part behaved himself, but was shocked to be woken up by a group of detectives. Authorities did have to calm down Bieber and was asked to sit down while the team of detectives conducted their search. What was first mistaken for cocaine is now found to be Molly, along with Xanax that was found inside the home.  It turns out that apparently the pop star was not connected to the drugs that were found during the search, but his live-in rapper roommate, Lil Za, was detained for the felony drug possession. After that arrest, Lil Za was arrested again with another felony for destroying a phone inside the jail. Thus far, Bieber has not been charged nor taken into custody for the egging or any drug charges. Regardless, the behavior of Justin Bieber on drugs, such as marijuana, leaves many fans questionable to his actions. Did Justin vandalize his neighbor’s house by throwing eggs and causing major damage?

Celebrity Drug Rehab

The year of 2013 was an interesting year to say the least; there were many top stories about celebrity drug use and busts. Lady Gaga came out about her marijuana addiction, Amanda Bynes delayed her DUI trial, Indio Falconer Downey went to treatment for a reported pill addiction, and the list goes on. So if Justin Bieber on drugs such as marijuana, which he has openly admitted to the public, what are the odds of him being on much harder drugs? That would definitely explain his odd behaviors such as fighting, and assaulting his neighbors. Maybe Bieber needs a reality check, and this could be a real eye-opener for him. You cannot play with fire and expect to not get burned.

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