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New Season Of ‘Intervention’ Features Flakka

Intervention”, A&E’s docuseries returned November 15th and the first episode features a drug that has taken Florida by storm. It’s known as Flakka, and it’s extremely addictive and dangerous. Now other states across America are being warned about this cheap and deadly new drug.

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Intervention Flakka

The “Intervention In-Depth: Flakka” brought us inside the devastation with law enforcement officers to help us better understand the dangers of the new drug on the streets. Flakka is a strong street drug that is cheap and packs a powerful high to it’s users. Many of the symptoms include extreme dementia and psychosis, increased body temperature, overdose, organ damage, and death.

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One woman named Vanilla shares her struggles with Flakka well into her nine months of pregnancy. She did conceive, but has no recollection of giving birth. Flakka is very cheap costing the user a mere $5 on the streets. First appearing in Broward County, it took only a few months to take off. Vanilla’s story is not uncommon and drug addiction can affect anyone.  Police and officials are hoping that the “$5 insanity” drug will eventually make it’s way out, but until then warnings about the dangerous drug remain on high alert.

What Is Flakka?

Flakka is a synthetic drug compound. The main ingredient is known as Alpha PVP which is more dangerous than cocaine. The drug mimics methamphetamine (meth), and is either pink or white crystal-like substance.

Treatment Works

Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease that can be placed in remission with proper treatment. This drug is targeted towards those in active addiction, kids, those with money issues, and even addicts in early recovery. You do not have to abuse this drug or any other drug because there is a solution and recovery is possible. If you are struggling with a drug abuse problem, contact The Watershed now! Stop letting drugs control your life and start living a life you deserve.

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