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Top 5 Reasons to get Clean and Sober In The Rooms

in the roomsWhen using drugs and drinking alcohol no longer works, you may want to make a change, but don’t know how. Making the decision to stop using – or drinking – is far more complicated than what others may think, but it doesn’t have to be when you do it in the rooms (AA, NA, CA, MA, etc.) Most addicts and alcoholics have a tendency of seeing recovery from addiction as hopeless and therefor give up before they really gave it their all. What if we told you that you could recover from drugs or alcohol but that you had to follow a few simple suggestions? It may seem impossible, but when you’ve already lost everything (this could be emotional or material) then what else do you have to lose?

Recovery In The Rooms

Here are top 5 reasons why you should join us in the rooms and stay:

Acceptance – most addicts/alcoholic s suffered their entire lives with just the simple idea of acceptance. Acceptance of self, others, and their given situations seemed near impossible. The great news is that when we take the opportunity to work a program of recovery in the rooms, we are able to take this acceptance to many other areas of our lives. We begin to feel a sense of freedom and happiness that could never be described unless you have experienced it. Those who have not experienced it should try working a program of recovery in the rooms and you will know what others are speaking about.

Freedom – when a person gets clean and sober and works a program of recovery in the rooms thoroughly they have what is called an awakening. This awakening produces an awareness that gives the person a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for life. They have realized that the obsession to drink or use has been lifted and they no longer have a need or desire to get drunk or high. Their new found freedom is the buzz they have always been searching for.

Relief – there is a true sense of relief and sense of well-being that comes from working a program of recovery in the rooms and applying it to one’s life. This relief can sometimes be subtle and other times impactful, but one thing for sure is that the addict or alcoholic can just somehow breathe easier. There is a real sense of calm, even in the midst of chaos. They have been restored to a relaxed peaceful state of mind.

Happiness/Joy – for those in recovery there is a true sense of joy and happiness that can many times be physically seen. If you know anyone who works a program of recovery, you can just see and feel it. They have a glow about them and their gratitude is so great that they want to share their experience with others so that someone else suffering can obtain the same feeling as them.

Sense of self – finally there is a place in which the addict or alcoholic can feel comfortable and belong. Many first get the feeling of belonging and being comfortable with self when they come in the rooms. As they continue to grow, they find that self-care and self-love comes to them naturally no matter where they are. They feel like they finally fit into society.

These are just some of the few awesome reasons to get clean and sober, but we know that there are literally hundreds more. Each person’s journey is different and we would be doing an injustice to just limit how amazing your experience in recovery could be. Those who found themselves just as hopeless as you may be feeling, have not only recovered, but live life free from the obsession to drink and drug.

If they can do it, so can you.

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