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Impact of Social Media on Addicts and Alcoholics in Recovery

Impact of Social MediaThe impact of social media in the recovery community can actually prove to be beneficial if utilized properly.  Many social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, can provide great resources and support for those in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Impact of Social Media and Recovery

Support from Others

These social media outlets can provide a public environment for family and friends to encourage their loved ones during the process of their recovery.  Not only are they able to check up on them to see how they are doing on a day to day basis, but they will also be able to show their support and offer helpful words if appropriate.  An anonymous recovering addict who has been proud to claim her clean time to her friends on her Facebook claimed, “Liking someone’s status about clean time is a good way to remain supportive without too much risk, especially for people you’ve been close to who have been hurt by broken promises and relapse.”  Utilizing social media as an outlet to encourage sobriety and support one another during struggle is a great benefit to today’s time.  By actually being able to see that other people are recovering from their addiction and/or alcoholism and aren’t afraid to be vocal about it on a platform, other people who are struggling may step up to reach out for help or at least now know who to turn to as a result.  Another anonymous addict went on to agree with the idea, “You’ve seen that person down at their worst, and then [when] you see them looking happy, it’s like, ‘I can do this too.’ It’s like support groups, kind of, to see that everyone is touched by it.”

The impact of social media on the recovery community seems to be a growing benefit of the generation with groups, support teams, external web sites, links, and additional features multiplying.  It seems to help bring addicts and alcoholics closer together too.

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