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How to Stay Sober Going Into the New Year

If you’re worried about how to stay sober heading into the New Year, preparing yourself with how to celebrate accordingly can help alleviate stress that could overwhelm your life.  Holidays are widely celebrated with drinking and drugging, which can trigger the addict and alcoholic to feel all kinds of scattered emotions as they contemplate how they will wind up celebrating the occasion.  The most imperative piece of information to remember is that holidays like New Year’s Eve and Day aren’t truly about putting a mind-altering substance in your body, but rather on reflecting on the year that has passed, enjoying where you currently are, and looking forward to all that has yet to come.

How to Stay Sober 2016


During any holiday, it is too easy to slip up on self-care practices.  When you fail to take care of yourself and treat yourself lovingly, you can run yourself down, causing yourself to grow hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT).  A major red flag should arise for the addict and/or alcoholic if they are thrown into feeling any of these ways and they should immediately find a way to counteract the feeling in a healthy manner because the frustration of any or all is not a good head space for the individual to be in.  Practicing self-care on a holiday like New Year’s is important when it comes to how to stay sober because if the individual isn’t taking care of themselves throughout the day and the night comes, they risk endangering themselves by becoming prone to temptation since it may be more prevalent than any other night of the year.

Know Your Plans

Try to form your plans ahead of time because if you intend on living in the moment on New Year’s Eve, you might be creating a recipe for disaster.  If you want more spontaneity in your plans for the holiday, then try making a list of a few potential ideas that you can commit to with reliable and trusting friends you deem supportive of your sober lifestyle.  By doing this, you will have a plan set up for the evening and you can be assured that you won’t be left alone to be stuck wallowing in self-pity because that alone can set you up to backtrack in your recovery.

Be Selective

By being particular about the people you choose to associate and spend time with on New Year’s, the concept behind how to stay sober may not pose as much of a challenge.  You can become influenced by the ideas of the people you surround yourself with, so make wise choices by being around healthy people.  If you plan to be around people you know are going to be partaking in drinking or abusing drugs on the holiday, you may not like the feelings that generate from within you as a result.  It can be extremely triggering to place yourself in a situation like that, especially when you could be around a sober, clear-minded support network and be able to enjoy the night from a healthier standpoint.

Holidays can seem drastically different in sobriety and the mind can play tricks on the individual in recovery, as thoughts may romanticize previous occasions where substances were used as a way to celebrate the days.  When you notice this happening, remind yourself that you have the disease of addiction.  Those days stopped being fun long ago and in all honesty, perhaps might not have ever been to even begin with.  Reach out, contact your sober supports, and follow through with the plan of action for how to stay sober to avoid the pitfall of a full blown relapse on a holiday.  Just because the year is over, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to slip up and start over fresh for the New Year.

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