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How to Let Go of Fear When Recovering from Addiction

woman that is recovering from addictionWhether you have just started your journey of recovering from addiction or you are continuing to work a program of recovery, it is critical to let go of your fears that are keeping you from heading in the right direction.

While you may have more fears related to being sober and staying off drugs in the beginning, other fears may creep up on you later on throughout your recovery, revolving around emotional security, financial security, and physical security.

Keeping matters simple and remembering to “stick to basics” can be a monumental solution to problems you may face in recovery.

Accept the Things You Cannot Change

The truth is that there is only so much in life that you can change. Knowing what you can and cannot change is important because there’s no use in stressing and worrying over what you have no control over. It’s not uncommon for addicts to overthink – in fact, it’s more common than not! But ruminating on the past and living in fear is no way to spend your days.

Whether you fear the unknown or are fearful of your past catching up with you, it’s important to remember to be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up with fear. After all, you are on the right path. You have just begun your journey or have continued to live your life in recovery.

Nobody is perfect, but you don’t have to look at every situation as if you are viewing it with a magnifying glass. Just as important as it is to accept what you cannot change, it’s important to realize what you can change.

  • What can you be proactive about?
  • Where can you show up today?
  • What can you do better today than you did yesterday?

Fear can drive anybody to think the worst, but you can choose to step out of fear and into trust.

Recovering from Addiction

The road to recovery from an alcohol and/or drug addiction is never simple. It takes hard work. Even when the obsession to drink and/or use drugs is removed, you may find yourself dealing with other issues, such as living in fear.

You have the power to change your ways and reshape your thinking. Thankfully, there is no ceiling when it comes to working on yourself. There is always room to grow, and while it may be a daily reprieve, you can conquer your fears that keep you from living the life you are meant to live.

Are you struggling to live a life without the use of alcohol and/or drugs? Don’t slip into the fear of recovery or fear of failure because recovering from an addiction can be your new beginning and the chance at the life you deserve. Get help for alcohol and/or drug addiction today by reaching out to The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

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