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How To Be Confident In 6 Easy Steps

Everyone struggles with confidence from time to time. Some suffer from low self-esteem more than others, but anyone can gain confidence if they are willing to change a few bad habits. How you treat yourself, your body, and others is a reflection of how you feel about who you are as a person. If you want others to treat you differently or you just want to care less about what they think, then here are 8 simple steps on how to be confident.

How To Be Confident

Think Positive Thoughts

Stop beating yourself up and putting down your intelligence, abilities, and body. The more you talk poorly about yourself, the more likely you are to believe the negative things you say about yourself, and so will others. Start saying positive affirmations to yourself and leave the nasty talk out of your conversations.

Be Aware Of Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Being aware of your strengths will help build self-esteem and bring positivity into your daily dealings with life. On the other hand, being aware of your weaknesses will allow you to build and work on them while accepting that it’s OK to not be perfect; being human is a wonderful experience. Being able to grow and learn new things is all part of the human experience and if you already know all the answers (or think you do) you are limiting yourself in your engagement with the world and others. Stop holding yourself back by being a know- it-all.

Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Meditate

Ever hear the phrase, “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s true. If you eat garbage, you’re going to feel like it, but if you eat healthy, drink plenty of water, meditate and exercise; your attitude towards yourself and life will change. Taking care of your body and mind will build self-esteem and confidence all on its own.

Accept Compliments & Praise

Learn to take a compliment without replying with, “thanks but…” or “ugh, no…” How you treat yourself is how others will think of you. Take that compliment – you’ve earned it! Not everyone gives compliments because they feel they have to, so stop justifying how you shouldn’t take one, and just accept it. A simple, “thank you,” will do from here on out.

Embrace Change

When you try to stop change or force your will into all areas of your life, you are missing out on some of the beauty that life has to offer. Why do we feel the need to control everything when we know we are powerless over most things? And yes, we are powerless. The only thing we have power over is our own actions – the rest is up to the universe. Take a moment to sit back and slow down, you may be surprised that the outcome is more then you could have ever imagined.

Take Healthy Risks

Taking healthy risks towards your personal and professional life is a great way to actually live life. If you are always on the bench, you will never truly feel like you are participating in the game. Get out there and play; go ahead and take those healthy risks. You may fall a few times, but you just have to get back up and keep trying. Life is about living, and if you are always playing everything safe, you may miss a great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

These are just a few simple steps on how to be confident, but there is no magic overnight cure to low-self-esteem, so be patient with yourself as you practice how to be confident.

Be good to yourself today, and every day.

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