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Life Skills Tips and Suggestions: How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader

Fear can prevent many addicts and alcoholics in recovery from taking on commitments and acting as leaders. It is not uncommon to find that many have lost a little bit of confidence when they stopped using drugs or alcohol to cope. This is because most addicts and alcoholics not only use or drink for the effects, but so they can face daily activities like jobs, social interactions, and other basic life skills with ease. So if you are wondering how to be a leader in your life now that you are clean and sober, then this article is for you!

How To Be A Leader: Myths and Facts

Some people believe that being a leader means they have to lie, but that is not true. A true leader is authentic and can overcome challenges and obstacles without having to resort to dishonest behavior.  Another myth is that controlling people, places, and things is also part of the how to be a leader. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a leader ultimately depends on your confidence in yourself, your beliefs, and your actions. If you are committed, honest, authentic, and have good character, chances are you are already a good leader.

Believing In Yourself

Do you want to know the real secret when it comes to answering the question of how to be a leader? Believing in yourself. If you do not have faith in yourself, how do you expect other people to believe in you? Part of being a leader is not only being authentic, but being confident in your abilities to help pave the way for others. When addicts and alcoholics help others on the road to recovery they are already showing signs of leadership skills. These basic skills can be taken into multiple social settings, jobs, and even everyday basic life challenges.

5 Simple Actions That Leaders Take

Honesty: Do not lie in order to try to control or cheat a situation into being what you want it to be. You could destroy future success based on your wants rather than needs.

Stay Humble: Don’t be a know-it-all. Your peers may have suggestions that will work best.

Willingness: Learn to listen to  other peoples  suggestions and experiences. Implement them if it is a good idea.

Be Committed: Say what you mean, and mean what you say! Be confident in what you are saying and believe in yourself.

Don’t Give Up: When the going gets tough, ask for help, but never give up. It’s Okay to ask for support, but to walk away just because things get difficult is not going to work long-term.

How To Be A Leader Today

Life and recovery is about growing and changing towards being a better person each day. Being a leader means that you are willing to humble yourself to learn, grow, and change for the better of whatever project you are working on.  The false belief that lying, cheating, stealing, and controlling are the ingredients to being a leader has to be smashed if you ever want to truly succeed long-term.

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