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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Addiction?

recover from addictionAddiction is a complicated matter but it’s also a disease – a chronic and progress one too. So how long does it take to recover from addiction? It depends on your definition of recovery and even the person. Just like how you can’t arrest yourself out of addiction or simply just “choose” to stop being addicted, you can’t expect to just have your addiction gone in a day because there is no cure. However, there is treatment. As long as you continue to say clean, work on your recovery program, and stay accountable, you can recover from addiction. But what exactly does it mean to recover from addiction?

Recovering from Addiction

When addicts explain that they are “recovered” or “recovering” from addiction, it means that they are working to maintain their sobriety. For some recovering addicts, it means they are actively involved in and working a 12 Step Fellowship program, like Narcotics Anonymous. For others, it might mean they are clean and sober. The reality of addiction is that being in recovery doesn’t mean the disease is gone, but it is dormant. Just how cancer can be treated and the patient can be in remission, it is the same with addiction. However, this means that addiction is a chronic disease that can come back if the individual returns to using substances.

There is no cure for addiction, but recovery is possible and that may take longer for some than others. Some recovering addicts go to a medical detox and drug rehab for the first time, work a recovery program, and have been clean ever since. For others, it isn’t as quick and they may need more treatment before finally discontinuing their drug use. They may not grasp the severity of the disease as fast as others might. Even if they do understand their disease, it doesn’t mean that will keep them from returning back to old behaviors and patterns, such as turning to drugs to self-medicate or deal with problems. Recovery involves a completely new way of living, which is why it is critical for recovering addicts to develop new tools and coping mechanisms in place of using drugs, which ultimately only leads them on a downward spiral of addiction.

In terms of how long it takes for the obsession of drugs and alcohol to be removed, this varies too. Some people who work a 12 Step Fellowship program say they feel relief after completing the 12 Steps. Others say that it took longer for them to have the obsession to use fade. Everybody is different, but the same principle remains: recovery IS possible. Addicts can recover, and they DO recover. It gets better too. No matter what, just don’t pick up. The best way to move forward with your recovery is to not second guess it by returning back to the same substances that took over your life in the first place. Recovery can be beautiful.

If you are feeling trapped in an addiction to drugs and alcohol, there is a way out. The Watershed Texas is here to help with a medical detox center and inpatient rehab. Call The Watershed Texas to begin your recovery today at 1-800-861-1768.

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