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How Can I Get Sober Without Rehab?

sober without rehabHave you ever wondered if it was possible to get sober without rehab? It’s not unusual for addicts to want a “quick fix” to help them overcome addiction, but the reality is that recovering from addiction is a process that takes time. But does this mean that you can’t recover from addiction without seeking treatment at an inpatient rehab facility?

Getting Sober without Rehab

The truth is that it is possible to get sober without going to rehab, but it can be much more difficult, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. There are a number of benefits that getting sober at an inpatient rehab center offers while getting sober without rehab treatment can be risky. Trying to get off drugs and alcohol on your own can pose a number of risks because you can suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, seizures, and heart problems.

In addition, you won’t have the support and professional treatment that is offered at an inpatient treatment center. It can be difficult to maintain sobriety long-term without a solid foundation and program of recovery, which is often what addicts who attempt to get sober on their own lack.

Benefits of Getting Sober at an Inpatient Rehab Center

When you seek help for alcohol and drug addiction at an inpatient rehab center, you will be safely weaned off all substances while under medical supervision. A team of medical professionals can monitor and treat your withdrawal symptoms to alleviate as much discomfort as possible during your detox. Throughout your inpatient treatment, you will be able to work with psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors to address the underlying causes of your condition.

By working on the true problems that may have caused you to use substances in the first place and developing healthier coping mechanisms to continue combating your addiction, you can learn a new way of life in sobriety and heal from the inside, out. During inpatient rehab treatment, you can also be exposed to various resources and support groups, such as 12 Step Fellowships, which can help you maintain your recovery long-term.

While it is possible to get sober without rehab, seeking treatment at an inpatient rehab is far more beneficial and can help set you up for a successful recovery since you will receive an incredible amount of support during such a vulnerable time. You may even find it hard to put down drugs and alcohol for longer than an hour or a few days when you try to stop using on your own, but when you go to an inpatient rehab, you allow yourself to be removed from the environment you were in long enough to gain clarity and work on the true underlying issues.

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