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Homemade Vaporizer For Marijuana Gains Popularity

homemade vaporizer weedHomemade vaporizer for weed  and weed vaporizers like VapeXhale, are becoming a popular item for pot smokers, and purchasing one could run you about $450 a piece. As the push for marijuana legalization grows, so does the cannabis market and the push for paraphernalia like weed vaporizers. With something so new to the industry, we had to dig deeper into what a homemade vaporizer actually is and how it affects the body.

Homemade Vaporizer Weed

Homemade vaporizers are very similar to vapes or e-cigarettes. It’s a battery- operated electronic atomizer that heats marijuana until the active ingredients (THC) turns into a vapor that is then inhaled. If you think this sounds very similar to a waterbong, well, it pretty much is with the exception that the heat is lower in the weed vaporizer creating more of a vapor rather than filtered smoke, and it costs a pretty penny.

Even though there are claims that using a homemade vaporizer is safer, there are still concerns. Many professionals and health advocates feel that since these weed vaporizers are unregulated and fairly new, there may be long-term effects that we are just unaware of. They can do all the scientific studies they want, but we may not know until our loved ones are diagnosed with different health aliments as a result of smoking weed out of a homemade vaporizer.

The push to legalize weed is not going anywhere anytime soon, but we hope that those who are in recovery (or even out of recovery) do understand the risks associated with doing any kind of drug. If you have an addiction to other drugs or alcohol, you should not smoke or even use a homemade vaporizer to smoke marijuana. Addicts and alcoholics suffer from the disease of addiction, and you can either get addicted to weed or go back to your drug of choice. If you are not in recovery, you still run a risk of becoming addicted to weed and/or developing mental and physical health issues as a result.

We can’t control what others do but as professionals in the addiction treatment field we feel it is our responsibility to warn our community about the dangers of marijuana and using a homemade vaporizer, even if people think it’s safer than alcohol. We have worked over 16 years in the field of drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues and our views on drugs are very different than what theories are circulating out on the web about drug use and marijuana. We challenge you to ask someone in recovery who has relapsed on weed or who has tried the marijuana maintenance program how it worked out for them, or more importantly how it didn’t.

Marijuana Addiction

The truth is that no matter what drug you take, it can cause harm and have adverse effects. We should be promoting healthier lifestyles by eating nutritious foods, meditation practices, and exercising. If you work on developing balance through building a healthy body, mind, and spirit, you won’t need to use weed to escape or relax. There is a better way to live and weed shouldn’t be an option to live happy.

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Marijuana addiction is real and there is nothing to be ashamed about. We do recover and live full lives. You can too!

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