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Focus of PSA on Heroin Epidemic During Movies In NY

The heroin epidemic has affected the lives of individuals all over the country.  From the people who take the drug themselves to the many families and friends who have to deal with the aftermath of their loved one’s addiction, heroin has torn through society with severe brutality.

Heroin Epidemic PSA

“You just want to rewind time,” says Auerbach Lyman, a mother who lost her son to the heroin epidemic, as quoted on during an interview.  “He was functioning. He went to school every day. He was always out and about.”  These are the types of heroin addiction stories that are told in the latest public service announcements that New York has running during PG-13 and R-rated movie theatrical release feature film presentations.  The PSA first hit theaters Friday, December 19, 2014.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is hoping to use this tactic to fight the rise of heroin addiction and prescription drug abuse in the state, and demonstrate the dangers of using heroin.

In research studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), it was found that there was a 30% rate of progression for heroin abuse, for Americans aged 12 years and older, during 2013.  In 2014, NIH expected the amount of heroin abuse for just eighth-graders alone to reach a trending total of 50%.  This PSA should hopefully prove beneficial by providing another method for getting the word out about the dangers of heroin use.

Dangers of Heroin

Because the PSA has highlighted the heroin epidemic, the dangers of heroin have been brought to the public’s attention.  Heroin is a serious drug that can often lead to addiction, overdose, and death for the abuser.  Anyone who takes the drug poses serious health risks to their body and mind. Heroin is often, if not always, impure and mixed with chemicals, street drugs, and other toxins, which is why the drug can be deadly especially when administered intravenously.

Other health consequences of the drug in the long-run include the user developing rotted teeth and gums, constipation, cold sweats, itching, weakened immune system, potential coma, weak muscles, lack of a sufficient appetite, insomnia, and depression.  Running a public service announcement might help address a serious issue that is ongoing in the nation, and affecting people of all ages, genders, nationalities, races, religions, and social classes.  By openly acknowledging the issue, initiative is taken by officials in New York, and the heroin epidemic can be brought to light with the hope of a solution.  Hopefully, it will also inspire further action to be taken for active drug users to be provided more adequate treatment for their disease of addiction.

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