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5 Health Benefits of Coffee That May Surprise You

health benefits of coffeeWhen you wake up, are you unable to function without drinking coffee?  Knowing the health benefits of coffee will give you a slew of reasons to continue your morning ritual!  What could be better than knowing your body is reaping physical benefits while you’re getting your fix of caffeine?

5 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee Could Benefit Your Liver

Research shows drinking about three cups of coffee a day might help alleviate liver problems.  Liver function tests were noticeably better and risks were reduced for liver cancer as well as for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic cirrhosis.  Drinking coffee may further complement treatment for Hepatitis C, which targets the liver, in addition to providing prevention for fatty liver disease.

Coffee May Lower Risks of Suicide and/or Depression

Drinking about two or three cups of coffee can lessen depression and reduce the risk of suicide by 50 percent, according to research conducted at Harvard University.  Caffeine impacts the neurochemistry in the brain and counteracts feelings of depression.  When levels of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline are increased in the brain, a person experiences less depression and greater pleasure.  This effect was noticed in people who drank coffee routinely.

Coffee May Help Decrease Risk of Various Cancers, Type 2 Diabetes, and Stroke

A study for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute observed people who consumed four cups of coffee a day and saw a 20% decreased risk in them developing melanoma.  Although drinking coffee was found to lessen chances of skin cancer, it’s no substitute for putting on the recommended daily broad spectrum sunscreen, which provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  The same study also found coffee drinkers have less probability of getting basal cell skin cancer.  Additional studies suggest drinking coffee on a continual basis lessens chances of liver and endometrial cancer while it could reduce likelihood of colorectal cancer.

Regular coffee drinkers not only had less chance of acquiring cancer but were also found to have less chance of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. A four-year study indicated that individuals who consumed over a single cup of coffee a day lessened their chances of getting the disease by 11% while those who didn’t consume any had increased their chances by 17%.  When drinking coffee with the intent to prevent diabetes, be mindful oft the amount of sugar and additives thrown in for extra flavor!

Another positive impact for women who drink coffee was found with 25% having a reduced possibility of having a stroke.  Both male and female coffee drinkers in Japan proved to have less chance of suffering from a stroke.

Coffee May Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Who would have thought coffee could impact a disease like Parkinson’s?  Researchers uncovered there’s a 27% less chance of suffering from the illness for the average coffee drinker, while extreme coffee drinkers with a specific gene variant may have a 59% reduced risk.

 Coffee May Help Your Heart

The health benefits of coffee extend to reducing problems associated with the heart.  Despite coffee’s active ingredient, caffeine, raising blood pressure, it was discovered that coffee could help control the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Regardless of the numerous health benefits, caffeine is a stimulant, and therefore, coffee shouldn’t be consumed in excess.  Because the effects of too much coffee may be different for each individual, people may not respond the same way.

Just like with anything else you do in life, having balance is key. If you are prone to health risks as a result of caffeine, then drinking coffee may not be right for you. Only you and your doctor know what is best for your body, so make sure you check with a medical professional first before you start downing 3 cups a day.

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