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Words Of Encouragement For Hard Times | Video

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It can be easy to stay positive when the sun is shining, but how does one stay positive during difficult or tragic times? Here are some words of encouragement for hard times that may be able to help keep you going even when you feel like you are too weak to do so.

Words Of Encouragement For Hard Times

Steps Towards Pushing Through Hard Times

  1. Open up about what you are going through. Keeping your feelings to yourself will only make things worse and keep you stuck. Free yourself by talking about it, because you will find out that you are actually not as alone as you think you are.
  2. Find a positive meaning that can come from this event. You may not be able to see it now, but the more you talk about what you are going through, the easier it may be to see a positive lesson out of this difficult time.
  3. Keep perspective in mind by reminding yourself that this too shall pass. It may not be today or tomorrow, but at some point things will change and get better – including the healing of your thinking.

Have Hope

Time takes time, and so does healing, but eventually you will be able to share your experience, strength, and hope with others. You may not be able to change the tragedy, but you can change your thinking about it and use it to grow and heal. We hope these words of encouragement for hard times have helped you, even if it is just a little, but remember, if you need to talk someone during this difficult time, please feel free to contact us at Addiction Help Chat or 1-800-439-5959.

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