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Sugar Addiction: How To Control Your Halloween Sugar Cravings

Halloween is soon to approach and even with just the thought of the holiday, sugar cravings can become instantaneous.  For a recovering alcoholic and/or addict, the holiday can be especially tricky – no pun intended! – since substitution comes into play.  With alcohol and drugs removed, a person may substitute with sugar as a new way to numb their feelings and achieve a feeling of euphoria, leading to a potential sugar addiction.  After all, it is not uncommon for alcoholics and/or addicts to turn to other outlets like food to control when their substance of choice is no longer available as a viable option to abuse.  Since food and candy on Halloween is easily accessible, it can go unnoticed as a problem.  So, how do you avoid slipping into temptation and venturing off on an unintended sugar binge?

Tips to Control Sugar Cravings

Proper nourishment during day

Being surrounded by sweets and treats can greatly spur sugar cravings.  The best way to prevent yourself from a sugar overload is to make sure you are well-nourished.  You are bound to get carried away on a sugar kick and dive into the Halloween candy you planned on passing out to the Trick-or-Treaters if you don’t properly take care of yourself.  Your body needs specific nutrients in order to sustain throughout the day.  Eating foods that are rich in fiber for each of your meals during the day can not only keep you full longer, but end up moderating your sugar levels and helping you resist that extra chocolate bar.  Most foods that are loaded with fiber include vegetables like dark leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, flax-seeds, black beans, and chickpeas just to name a few.

Get enough sleep

Having a good night’s rest is essential in order to curb sugar cravings.  A lack of sleep or not enough of it can play a huge role in why you may find yourself repeatedly reaching into the bowl of candy corn. Your body may be yearning for the sugar to provide a jolt of energy that only a rejuvenating rest would stimulate.  Seven to eight hours of sleep is what you should be aiming for each night in order to re-cooperate and be ready for the following day ahead.

Happy Halloween

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, not filled with stress over the amount of candy consumed due to unbearable sugar cravings.  When you take a deeper look into what Halloween is really about, you can see that it is centered on so much more than just sugar-coated sweets and glazed goodies.  Halloween is about getting to rejoice, having fun, and even getting a little spooked out by one another!  You can tell ghost stories by a lit campfire with friends, carve Jack O’ Lanterns, dress up silly or scary, and decorate your house accordingly.  The focus doesn’t have to solely be on your sugar cravings.  Focusing on the Halloween spirit and spending the fun time with the people around you instead will prove to be far more enjoyable than any temporary sensation that a sugar fix could provide.

Are you finding it difficult to focus on the holidays because your focus is centered only on drugs?  Contact The Watershed Texas today, so we can help get you to a better state of mind where you can be present and enjoy the moment that you’re living in.

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