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Gov. Christie Spotlights New Substance Use Disorder Treatment Plans

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey made a recent announcement on NJTV News about his intentions to move forward and take action to improve substance use disorder treatment by providing easier access to services.  On Tuesday, January 13, the politician highlighted his intentions to help suffering addicts in the state by reciting the 2015 State of the State Address to the 216th Session of the New Jersey State Legislature.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment in NJ

Two plans were revealed by Gov. Christie to improve substance use disorder treatment and minimize the state’s current upsetting drug crisis.

The first idea would be to have a statewide substance abuse treatment information line.

“Contacting multiple agencies and trying to figure out the right treatment is challenging enough, but even more so for these individuals who are in crisis. If we’re able to make it easier for individuals battling addiction and their loved ones to access the right services at the right time, we will save lives,” explained Gov. Christie about the reasoning and motivation behind his plan.  “Imagine, just one phone call to provide real time information, assess available treatment options and connect them to the help they need right then,” Gov. Christie continued.  “It’s the smart way to make sure we don’t have people that are stuck in the system.”

As for the second plan, Gov. Christie claimed that he would be extending the felon re-entry program that he has intact already at the Hudson County Correctional Facility, to additional cities that include Newark, Paterson, Toms River, Trenton, and Atlantic City.

Treating Addiction As A Disease

Gov. Christie has previously clarified how imperative it is that the nation break the stigma of addiction, and stop addressing the matter as a moral dilemma, but rather the deadly disease that it is.  He has made it clear that he believes that treating the drug problem is a far better way of addressing the issue than imprisoning individuals time and time again.  “My position on this is pretty simple — drug addiction is a disease,” Gov. Christie has stated before.  “It can happen to anyone, at any time, from any station in life, but we can treat it.” The incarceration method for non-violent criminals has proven ineffective for several years.  A different approach has been needed and Gov. Christie has vouched for expanding substance use disorder treatment that supports treating the addicted individual rather than punishing them for their illness.

These substance use disorder treatment plans that Gov. Christie has announced should hopefully help ease the process when individuals are seeking treatment.  Access to treatment facilities can be frustrating, especially to addicted individuals and substance abusers who are unfamiliar with the process.  The health care system can be challenging and these improvements may help individuals who are trying to seek substance use disorder treatment help get the best access and guided better along the way.

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