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Having A Fun Sober Life When You’re In Recovery

Living a sober life with much effort being exerted in your regular routine for work, daily stresses, and a constant on-the-go mentality, being able to let loose by having some fun is essential for your well-being.  Ultimately, a sober life is about balance.  If you’re not giving yourself some time for pleasure, you may notice yourself growing depressed, tired, or easily frustrated.  Since removing alcohol and drugs to promote your new found sober life, you may have found yourself struggling to find healthy, safe, and downright amusing activities to participate in.  There are lots of fun options to fill your free time with when you’re sober!  The best part about it is that you will be able to remember the experience and of course have fun in sobriety.

Fun In Your Sober Life

Festivals and concerts

People of all ages enjoy music, multi-colored flashing lights, and crowded gatherings that provide the environment to meet new people and socialize.  Festivals and concerts can be extremely fun, but also keep in mind, it can be triggering if there’s drinking and drugging on the grounds.  Be sure to grab a sober group and stick together if you plan on attending events like these.  There is an increase in sober tents and sections for these occasions, so you can safely gravitate towards that, too.  Since you won’t be on any mind-altering substances, you’ll be able to take nice, relevant, and in-focus photos, so be sure to take plenty!  You may even find the best perk of being sober for occasions like this to be that the morning after you don’t feel sick, grouchy, or lazy as a result of a hangover.


It may be easier if you live in or near a bustling city, but try looking up some cool museums, zoos, aquariums, boat rides, or other tourist-like attractions.  You can grab a group of friends and spend a day going place to place.  When we are in the pit of our addiction and entirely lack a sober life, we rarely, if ever, get to enjoy the present moment and any kind of external pleasure from places designed for entertainment purposes.  If you don’t live as close to major attractions, going to the movies or shopping at a nearby mall can be fun.  Sometimes malls have free food tasting, hand out coupons, and give free product samples.  What about the arcade?  Fun games like air hockey, glow-in-the-dark night-time bowling, inside roller blading and ice-skating, and traditional machine games never get old!  Maybe you are more of an outdoors person, in which case, try going to a local park.  If you live in the right climate and area, there are great hiking trails and camp grounds at state parks that you can check out.


Widely spread by word of mouth, events and planned celebrations aren’t the only ways to have a good time.  Having a sober life provides you the opportunity to re-discover your own personal interests and explore what activities this world has to offer.  Writing is a great activity and it is something you can do any time and anywhere.  Try writing a poem, short story, or list of dreams you hope to someday achieve.  This is a great way to get out of your head and employ some creativity. You can grab some paint and a paintbrush too!  Art is an excellent outlet because you can show what you’re feeling instead of trying to formulate what words may be incapable of expressing.  If you’re more of an athletic or physical activist, then maybe grabbing a friend and playing a sport would better fit your persona. Not only will moving around benefit your health, but it also will increase the endorphins in your body, which will put you in a better mood.  Sports and games that require regular movement also assist in enhancing your capability of cognitive function, resulting in better concentration.  You may find yourself having such an enjoyable time that you want to join a sports team as a hobby.  When you discover activities that you like and make the time for them, you notice the presence of more joy in your sober life.


There are other unique ways to have fun and feel good in your sober life, like volunteering.  Sometimes just bringing a smile to another person’s face can make you happy.  There are web sites like  Volunteer Match and Do Something that provide information and ideas for volunteer work.  Try looking up some valid organizations that help sick children receive “Get Well” cards and maybe spend a couple hours making some to mail out.  You can go to the front desk at hospital or nursing home closest to you and ask about what volunteer opportunities are available.  Some places have tasks that include bringing bunnies or well-trained dogs to patients as pet therapy. Better yet, if you are an animal lover, try going to the local animal shelter and see if you can help there in anyway. Then you will be able to give back and be doing something you enjoy.  What could be more fun than that?

Your sober life never has to be boring.  There are tons of ways to maintain a sober life and still go out to have a good time.  Sometimes you just have to do a little bit of research to see what’s going around near the area you live in.  Why conform to the stereotype of today’s society and become a couch potato when you could be out having an enthralling sober life?

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