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Mild Depression: Ways To Combat Feeling Depressed

Do you often find yourself feeling depressed?  Mild depression can be like having a dark cloud over your head; even though decent situations may be occurring in your life, you still feel overwhelmed with unexplainable grief.  The definition of depression is, “a state of unhappiness and hopelessness,” which many recovering addicts express as the way they feel.  Despite feeling relief from therapeutic outlets and 12-Step programs, feeling depressed is not uncommon in recovery.  If you feel you are suffering from mild depression, it can be useful to learn alternative, natural, and healthy ways to find relief.

Natural  Ways To Prevent Feeling Depressed

Go in the sun

Not getting enough sunlight can set off a mild depression.  The sun provides our bodies with sufficient sources of Vitamin D.  As a result of being without it, we lack necessary nutrients and begin feeling depressed. Without the proper amount of sunlight, we lose melatonin, which is a hormone that plays a critical role in helping us fall asleep at night so that our bodies can properly replenish themselves for the next day.  Not being able to sleep through the night or for the recommended amount of time may increase our chances of feeling depressed.

Get some exercise

If you’re feeling depressed, going for a run or lifting some weights can jolt up levels of your body’s mood-regulating hormone, serotonin. Taking a nice walk outside can also help your mild depression, in addition to providing you a breath of fresh air and change in scenery.

Take supplements

For your body to be properly functioning, certain nourishment is recommended.  Omega-3 fatty acids provide immune support, as well as an uplift in your mood.  It can be found in certain foods like fish, meats, eggs, vegetables, and other specific foods.  You could be feeling depressed because you are missing the necessary amount of fatty acids in your diet.  There are natural supplements sold over the counter called Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil pills that provide these Omega 3’s.  Other supplements that might help alleviate your mild depression include multi-vitamins, as recommended doses of these are vital to our health.  For example, Vitamin B-12 works for providing us energy, which we may feel a decrease of when we are feeling depressed. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is another natural supplement you can take, which helps raise your serotonin levels.


A major cause for mild depression is lack of the needed amount of sleep.  Doctors recommend anywhere from six to eight consecutive hours of sleep.  Even though feeling depressed can cause insomnia and make it difficult for you to fall asleep, not enough rest can make your mild depression worse, as well as bring on irritability and lessen your concentration.


Food is a huge part of why you’re probably suffering from feeling depressed.  Try not to overdo sugary sweets and understand how to moderate your food choices.  Too much sugar in your diet can cause you to feel great at first but will later result in a crash, amplifying your mild depression.  Limit your caffeine intake for the same reason as well.  Fruits and vegetables will help lighten your mood because of the nutrients they provide.

Coping Skills

As brought up earlier, therapeutic and 12-Step meetings may not entirely ease your mild depression, but it still can provide great supplementary help. Healthy coping skills that include talking, writing, and meditating can make you feel better.

Try some of these natural remedies listed above and see if your mild depression gets better.  If you are still feeling depressed, you may want to contact a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.  Some types of depression are more severe than others and require medical attention, especially if mental health issues have been present in your relatives.


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