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FDA Approves Evzio For The Heroin Overdose Drug Naloxone

A new heroin overdose antidote was approved last Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA. The heroin overdose medical device is a hand-held auto-injector that if used properly could save the lives of opioid addicts from overdosing. The other concern however, could this drug be also preventing heroin addicts from seeking treatment for their drug abuse and addiction problem?

What Is The Heroin Overdose Drug?

The medical device known as Evzio delivers naloxone (an opioid antagonist drug developed to counteract the effects of heroin and opioids during an overdose developed in the 1960s) and it works much like the EpiPen (the epinephrine auto-injector is used for serious allergic reactions). If a person is experiencing an overdose, naloxone can be injected into the muscle using the Evzio stopping the opioids, or heroin, from causing an overdose death. This new equipment does not require any medical training to operate, making this heroin overdose drug easy to dispense by the general public.

Will The New Heroin Overdose Drug Hurt Addicts?

In the short-term, this new medical device may help addicts and drug abusers from overdosing and dying. But in the long-term, it may prohibit or significantly delay some people from going into a drug rehab program that could really save their life. Instead of using Evzio as a prevention method, many addicts may find themselves using even harder and longer because they know they have this backup plan. As long as they have their heroin overdose drug to help them from dying, why would they even need to get clean?

Other Concerns Of Evzio

One concern for the general public having access to Evzio is, what if drug abusers use naloxone as a means to detox themselves from heroin? Drug addicts and drug abusers should never attempt to detox themselves off any drugs (even if doctors say you can’t die from withdrawals from certain drugs like heroin) because of the threat it can pose to both the mind and body. Another concern is the potential to have an allergic reaction to the naloxone. Allergic reactions can include: severe nausea, vomiting, chest pains, fast/irregular heartbeats, drug cough (wheezing), sweating, migraine, anxiety/confusion, convulsions, weak pulse, slow breathing, and respiratory depression. Medical attention should be sought immediately if any of these symptoms are present.

Working in the addiction field since 1998, we hope Evzio will help save lives long enough so that the person can get into treatment and really recover from drug abuse and addiction. We hope that those who are struggling with drug abuse problems do not see this as means of a controlling their use, but as a prevention method so that recovery long-term can be possible. If you know someone who can’t stop using heroin or opioids, please contact us now! Addiction does not have to be the last call; there is life after drug abuse.

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