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Former FBI Agent Was Also A Drug Addict

From physical dependency to prescription pills to full-blown heroin addiction, former FBI Agent Matthew Lowry’s story shows how the disease of addiction does not discriminate.  Even highly educated individuals in admirable career positions are vulnerable to the onset of addiction.

FBI Agent Talks Addiction

Lowry was prescribed pain medication for ongoing inflammation.  When his doctor was away and Lowry couldn’t manage without another dose, he ventured off for assistance at clinics.  With an expectant wife and young child, his prescription drug costs were difficult to stomach.

Matthew, who had graduated the FBI Academy with honors four years prior, had just the right position to take advantage of; his role was to take down the nation’s top drug dealers bordering Maryland and the District.  It was in August 2013 that he remembers questioning a convict and decided to contact him to pick up heroin.  The dealer told him the dope was “just like taking a pain pill.”  Lowry snorted the drug and didn’t have much of a defense after the initial use.  He became entrapped in the cycle of addiction and was compelled to take it daily for the following year in the privacy of his agency car “to feel normal again.”

Hitting Bottom

Lowry’s addiction escalated quickly.  His father had been a cop for over four decades and yet Lowry was able to hide his addiction while living with him at the time he was using.  The now former FBI agent was so hooked that he snatched heroin from the office at the FBI building he worked at on several occasions.

On September 29, Lowry’s luck ran out when he was discovered unconscious at an abandoned construction site at the Navy Yard in Southeast Washington.  As a result of Lowry’s unlawful behavior, the court ordered persecutors to overturn cases against 28 drug defendants.  In other words, the individuals the agency had worked hard to detain now walked free.

Lowry, on the other hand, was fired from the FBI and now faces prison time.  The father of two small children pleaded guilty this past March to 64 charges.  Lowry will appear in federal court July 9.   “Where am I going to be a couple months from now?” Lowry questions when thinking about being torn apart from his wife, Shana, and their two children, one of which is 16 months old.  “How is my wife going to raise my son? How is she going to take care of the house? I spend as much time as I can with my wife, with my son, with my parents, because I don’t know when it’s going to stop, and I’m not going to be able to see them for an extended amount of time.”

Forget About Your Dreams

Lowry claims that he always wanted to be involved in law enforcement.  However, the moment he associated himself with heroin, he placed himself on a tight rope that led to addiction, which ultimately caused him to forget about the hopes and dreams he used to have.

Lowry’s addiction manifested itself simply after taking one too many prescription pills that were first legitimately given to him by his doctor for pain in 2007.  Lowry eventually graduated to heroin after not being able to fill the scripts at the rate his addiction needed.  No matter the addict’s age, gender, income, job title, and/or social class, the stories are always similar – the individual often begins physically dependent on prescription drugs and resorts to a cheaper and easier to obtain alternative like heroin.

Stories like Lowry’s are important to share, because he is not alone in his addiction to heroin. Our nation is facing an epidemic that doesn’t care about your social class, economic status, or career.  The public needs to realize there is no standardized, stereotypical image for an addict.  Even someone like an FBI agent can become an addict.  These are not bad people, deliberately committing indecent behavior, but rather sick individuals in need of treatment.  Addiction is a disease and anyone can suffer from it.

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