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Effects Of Cocaine: Pilot Smuggles 62 Coke Balloons In Gut, Bag Pops

A Texas pilot doesn’t just like getting high flying his plane; he also seems to enjoy the effects of cocaine. The Texas pilot attempted to smuggle 62 small rubber balloons of cocaine this past Saturday on a flight from Columbia to Houston, TX.

The Effects Of Cocaine Affect Our Nation

Stanley Hill, the Texas pilot who was a passenger on a commercial flight, was rushed to Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital after a balloon burst in his stomach. The 49 year old drug smuggling pilot went into surgery shortly after landing, before the effects of cocaine could fully take place.

The real question is, how did the cocaine ingesting Texas pilot get on the flight without any detection since he was a passenger? It seems that the strict boarding procedures the average flyer has to endure in order to board, don’t always seem to apply to airline personnel like pilots. It would be assumed that all passengers flying commercial planes should have to pass security checkpoints for reasons like this, but maybe now policies will have to change.

What is more disturbing is the fact that a pilot could actually be enjoying the effects of cocaine while he is flying commercial aircraft, putting everyone’s lives at risk. Another question remains as to whether or not pilots have to take routine drug tests, and if not, why not? As the stigma of addiction is slowly being smashed, so is the belief that professionals, like pilots, can’t be addicts and want to experience the effects of cocaine. More and more, we are seeing the face of drug addiction and abuse changing, and it’s not the man under the bridge anymore. Millions are suffering and we are not doing any service to them or those affected by the addict by turning a blind eye.

It’s unfortunate that this incident had to happen at all and we hope that some new rules and regulations will be implemented in order to prevent and protect all those who are flying on commercial airlines in the future. This is one situation that could have easily been avoided and could actually have the potential of costing lives.

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