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Edible Marijuana Candy Poses Danger To Kids

Edible marijuana candy could be the next big thing that parents will have to worry about when it comes to their kids trying drugs.  Just several days prior to Halloween, a public service announcement video (PSA) was issued to Colorado residents about how marijuana can be deceiving before, during, and after the celebration of the holiday, especially now that the substance can be difficult to decipher from regular candy and sweets.

Edible Marijuana Candy

The owner of a marijuana dispensary shop in Colorado, Patrick Johnson, mentioned how difficult it can be to determine what candy is safe for children to eat, versus the edible marijuana candy when he stated, “There’s really no way to tell the difference.”  He suggested that if there’s any doubt in a parent’s mind of whether the candy and sweets may contain THC or not, then they should just get rid of it to play it safe.  It becomes a serious problem if even adults aren’t able to know what types of candy have marijuana in them or not just by looking at the product because they look so strikingly similar.  Gina Carbone is part of Smart Colorado, an initiative that works toward maintaining a safer environment for children and families in light of the state’s marijuana legislation, and she expressed how concerning it is that people simply “cannot tell which is infused and which is not.”  Although Carbone said there’s not much else she can do if a parent decides to bring it into the home, she encourages others to keep the edible marijuana candy out of children’s reach and somewhere others won’t be likely to mix it up with other consumable goods.

Should there be a ban or tighter rules regarding edible marijuana candy?

Just a little over a week prior to Halloween, the city of Denver was intrigued by the argument as to whether or not they should restrict marijuana products by banning most, if not all, edible marijuana made concoctions.  The proposal was to have marijuana products limited to tinctures and lozenges for medical purposes only.  The growing concern for the safety of children has increased due to the rise in the number of accidental marijuana ingestions in youth going from 11 in 2010 to 26 during the previous year.  This was only a recommendation considering the opinions of the public health department and after marijuana laws have already come so far in the state, it isn’t likely that the state will revert backward by making restrictions on the drug.  It does bring a new dynamic on the debate about edible marijuana candy and if anything can be done to decrease the risks that the luring mind-altering sweets may pose to children who ingest it upon curiosity or pure accident.  One idea brought up in Colorado was to just begin testing any candy that appears to be questionable.  However, how would anyone know what constitutes some certain confectionary goods to even be considered doubtful enough to test if people can’t tell regular candy from edible marijuana candy apart by the naked eye to begin with?  Not to mention, it would cost money to use a marijuana-testing drug kit on each piece of candy and after a while, this could get expensive.  It doesn’t seem like an effective solution.  Other possibilities mentioned were that all edible marijuana candy is marked similar to how M&M and Jelly Belly beans are branded with their trademark initials.  This would help society be aware of what definitely contains THC and what doesn’t.  The only problem with this is that it would cost thousands of dollars in resources and even then, some types of edibles, like granola or toffee, may have difficulty getting or staying marked.  It was also brought up that if younger – and even older – generations saw certain foods labeled as containing marijuana, they might be even more inclined to ingest them, going against the entire idea of stating the ingredient to begin with!

All in all, whether there are restrictions on marijuana laws or not, you should always be careful and aware of what you are ingesting.  If you have any doubts about a food or candy you are about to consume, don’t eat it.  If you have eaten something but begin noticing strange effects and become concerned, don’t hesitate to contact a Poison Control Hotline or Emergency Help, especially if you suspect a child ingested a substance.  Edible marijuana candy can easily get mixed up with regular candy and other sweets, so be on the look out, especially now that Halloween has just passed!  It is also important to remember that just because marijuana may be legal in states like Colorado, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t negative consequences associated with taking the drug.  Marijuana is still an addictive substance whether it is legal in the state or not.

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