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E-Cigarette Health Risks Include Being Gateway to Dangerous Drugs

E-cigarette health risks continue to be discovered and although  the still recent intervention remains in continuous gain of a bad reputation, it hasn’t stopped vapor smokers from huffing and puffing (literally).  A new study has findings that may change that though, as it indicates that e cigarettes pose imminent danger to the brains of the people that are taking in all that vapored nicotine toxicity.

E-Cigarette Health Risks Exposed

In trying to avoid the dangers that traditional cigarettes provide when smoked, the outspread of e-cigarettes has created its own addiction and cause of concern of its own.  Because they are not traditional cigarettes and you cannot inhale fumes of lit smoke from them, e cigarettes contain pure nicotine in them as vapor is drawn up to inhaled.   “With e cigarettes, we get rid of the danger to the lungs and to the heart but no one has mentioned the brain,” Dr. Eric Kandel of Columbia University explained in more detail.  New research has just been released to the public stating that e cigarettes could lead to the use of worse and more dangerous drugs like cocaine.  When rodents were observed on nicotine during a study, they were found to be more hooked on drugs like cocaine.  Nicotine itself is a drug and can easily go hand in hand with abuse of other drugs for addicts.  Studies with humans coincide.  Neuroscientist Professor Eric Kandel went on to explain, “One drug [nicotine] alters the brain’s circuitry in a way that enhances the effects of a subsequent drug.”  It was then that he went on to point out that regardless as to how the nicotine is brought into the body, the effect to the brain and impact of being a gateway to dangerous drugs remains consistent.  He forewarned, “E-cigarettes have the same physiological effects on the brain and may pose the same risk of addiction to other drugs as regular cigarettes, especially in adolescence during a critical period of brain development.”

Why would nonsmokers turn to e-cigarettes?

This is the question that keeps popping up and answer will have a lot to do with getting a better hold on regulating e cigarette use or at least providing more awareness on the latest e cigarette health risks like being a potential gateway to more dangerous drugs.  One major reason would be that e cigarette manufacturers are creating their product to be enticing by introducing flavors that if a nonsmoker happened to by chance try and end up liking, they would be inclined to continue doing.  This is how they get hooked and a new habit is born.  Another factor may be due to stress and misguided information on the product’s harmful consequences.  A person may try it looking for a quick fix and thought-to-be “safe” form of relief.

E-cigarettes health risks are coming to light now more than before and they should not go ignored.  Awareness needs to be spread about the dangers about e cigarettes before an entire generation is hooked on a new method of nicotine intake and suffering the consequences for the next decades to come. Naturally, the best way to be healthy and quit smoking is complete abstinence. If you would like to quit smoking, click here on how to start and stay stopped: Quit Smoking In Recovery

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