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E-Cigarette Health: FDA Regulations In Process

It appears that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are going to be required to carry a health warning under the new regulations provided by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  These restrictions will include the ban of e-cigarette sales to minors and require a full list of ingredients. E-cigarette health concerns raised by health industry professionals and advocates have been pushing for new regulations for some time now.

E-Cigarette Health Concerns 2014

E-cigarettes, marketed as a “healthier” alternative to smoking, is a battery operated device that vaporizes flavored liquid nicotine so it can be inhaled by the user. There are an estimated five million users in the United States that are smoking these e-cigarettes which equates to roughly one billion dollars in sales. As a result of these numbers, larger corporations like Philip Morris are starting to sell e-cigarettes, too.

Although it was first suggested that e-cigarettes were a healthier alternative to smoking, the real truth is that there is no solid evidence that they won’t cause just as much damage. There have been no real long term studies done, and the research that has been done recently shows that e-cigarettes may be just as harmful as the real deal.

The mission of the FDA at this point is to make sure that the very same rules that apply to tobacco are also applied to e-cigarettes, hookahs, and liquid nicotine products. This will also help deter children from obtaining the products and stop marketing that could appeal to a younger audience. Once this new rule becomes final, the FDA will have more control over the regulations so that future tobacco-related disease and deaths can be prevented. As it stands, what the public doesn’t know might be slowly killing them.

Smoking is bad for you, and even if e-cigarettes are actually a “healthier” alternative (although not proven scientifically over long periods of time), nicotine and other foreign agents are being absorbed into the lung tissue and blood stream, which hits every organ in the body. Just like those who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, substitution from one harmful substance to another rarely works in long-term recovery. If you want to recover from nicotine dependence, then abstinence is the best way to go. The healthier alternative to not smoking nicotine, is to simply quit smoking – period.

If you have e-cigarette health concerns and would like to finally quit smoking, please read our 3-part series on how to do so: Quit Smoking In Recovery. There is a healthier way to live and it does not have to include being a slave to nicotine.

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