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Drunk Pilot Found Passed Out In Cockpit Before Flight

Drunk Pilot A Sunwing Airlines pilot is now facing charges after he was found by his co-pilot, passed out drunk in the cockpit before their early morning Saturday departure. There were an estimated 100 passengers that were scheduled to fly from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico before the drunk pilot was discovered.

Drunk Pilot Arrested

Sunwing Airlines pilot, Miroslav Gronych, 37, was acting strange reported gate crew members. When Gronych’s co-pilot went to investigate, he found Gronych slumped over in the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800, Calgary International Airport Sgt. Paul Stacey explained at a recent news conference.

“It had all the potential for a disaster,” Stacey said. “But I’ll tell you this much — the likelihood of a pilot on a major airline like this actually being able to take off when they’re impaired like that is pretty slim, because there’s a lot of checks and balances. There’s the other flight crew and there’s gate crew and they’re all about safety.”

What was more shocking was the pilot’s BAC level after his arrest. Two hours went by before they even tested him, and when they did, he was still more than three times the legal limit. He is facing charges of impairment while having control of an aircraft. Transport Canada will also be investigating the incident, but authorities expect the governmental agency to add additional charges. Stacey has assured the public that Gronych will not be flying anytime soon.

It was nothing short of a miracle that the drunk pilot was caught prior to taking flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states that no pilot should have a BAC level of 0.04% or higher while operating an aircraft. In addition, pilots are not allowed to drink alcohol up to 8 hours prior to flight, but many airlines have a stricter policy in place, stating that there be no alcohol use 12 hours prior. If any pilot cannot abide by that rule, then they may be suffering from an alcohol abuse problem in which treatment will be needed.

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol abuse can lead to alcoholism, and once a person crosses that line, little can be done without help. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, treatment can help. Recovery works and we can show you how. Contact us now at 1-800-439-5959.

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