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Drunk Driving Accidents: Staying Safe This 4th Of July

Nothing could be worse than drunk driving accidents on a holiday like the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, it does happen because people do drink and drive, resulting in frequent drunk driving accidents.  The best way to avoid this is to never drink and drive.  Another thing you can do is spread awareness about the dangers and statistics of drunk driving accidents.

Drunk Driving Accidents Still Occur

If people are aware of the fatalities caused directly from drunk driving accidents, then why do statistics show that people still go out to drink and drive?  The disease of alcoholism and addiction fogs a sufferer’s mind to the point where they fail to recognize that there are consequences for their actions.  Sometimes, if they do know, the disease of addiction is so strong that they can’t stop without help – even when they’ve tried. July 4th is one of the more risky holidays when it comes to drinking and driving accidents.

Being Proactive

With an estimated 10,000 deaths linked to drunk driving accidents in 2012, or one every 51 minutes, holidays are a great cause for concern when it comes to drivers being intoxicated behind the wheel.  It is usually best to avoid driving on holidays, but of course people do have places to get to and leave from.  If you are going to be on the roads, drive a little bit slower and more defensively than normal.  Drivers may be swerving or speeding, so you want to be sure to be on your best guard to avoid any accidents.  You may have friends who choose to drink, and if you are around them, it is best to make sure they are not driving. Instead, have a sober designated driver.  If a friend can’t be reliable for this, then you may want to take a look into another method of transportation, like a taxi or bus.  Sometimes after a 4th Of July celebration, groups of people walk together or around the block, so if you plan on doing this, make sure that you all stick together and triple-check for rogue vehicles.

The bottom line is that driving under the influence can result in drunk driving accidents that affect not just the drinker, but any innocent travelers on or nearby the road as well.  Drinking and driving is never a safe – or legal – option, because people get seriously injured or killed, cars get towed or totaled, and the intoxicated may even end up arrested.  Being behind the wheel of a vehicle when drunk or on drugs can lead to catastrophic events that ruin lives.  Remember to be safe this upcoming 4th Of July, and stay away from the dangers that are known to cause drunk driving accidents.

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