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Drugged Driving May Be Worse Than Drunken Driving

drugged-driving-factsAccording to CNN, drugged driving may be surpassing drunken driving accidents.

Drugged Driving

Driving while under the influence of drugs caused more accident related deaths than alcohol in 2015, according to the “Drug-impaired Driving” study. Officials still caution the dangers of drinking and driving, but now feel that further research and prevention methods need to be in place when it comes to drugged driving.

In 2015, a nationwide survey tested 57% of drivers that were fatally-injured. Of those that were tested, 35.6% were found to have marijuana in their system. Since marijuana is now legal in many states, it does beg the question – are we now going to have more drivers under the influence of weed, as well as other drugs?

What makes this even more frightening is that drugged driving is actually a pretty complicated issue.  Driving while impaired is illegal in America, but various laws, and the interpretation of those laws, do vary in each state. As of now, there is no law across the board that determines what drugs are to be screened, how often, and how much is too much. This can be confusing when it comes to the legality of drugs and/or doctor prescribed medication as well. Until there is a drug screening available that is as accurate as the breathalyzer, we may continue to see a rise in drugged driving incidents.

Drinking and Driving Is Still Very Serious

Although this new study emphasizes the rise of drugged driving, Russ Rader, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesperson, still feels alcohol is the biggest problem.

“There are a couple of problems with drawing the conclusion that drugged driving is now somehow a bigger problem with alcohol,” Rader explained. “For one, there isn’t very consistent testing for drivers who are killed in crashes with regard to drugs.”

Driving Sober

Regardless of which is perceived as worse, driving under the influence is dangerous no matter what impairing substance that you put in your body.  So the best way to stop drugged driving and alcohol impaired driving is to not consume either before getting behind the wheel.

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