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3 Basic Things You May Not Know About Drug Withdrawals

drug withdrawalsGetting treatment for drug addiction should involve going to a safe and supervised medical detox center because mild to intense drug withdrawals can occur as a result of coming off substances. It’s important to know the basics about drug withdrawal symptoms so that you can best prepare yourself when going into treatment.

Basic Things to Know About Drug Withdrawals

Here are three basic facts to know about drug withdrawals.

1. Withdrawal Symptoms Can Last for Different Periods of Time

The time frame that the length of drug withdrawals occurs can vary for each individual. Withdrawal symptoms may last shorter or longer depending on the person as well as the drugs that were being used. For example, opioid drugs may result in intense physical withdrawals that peak during the first day or so but taper off after a week or two while drug withdrawals from stimulants may lead to mild physical withdrawals after a couple days that are paired with more psychological withdrawals, such as intense drug cravings.

2. Relapse Can Happen Due to Drug Withdrawals

While relapse can happen at any time, suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms can make an addict susceptible to reverting back to drug use. This is because the withdrawal period is such a vulnerable time for an addict. In fact, some drug withdrawal symptoms may include having intense cravings and obsessing over drug use. This is why a medical detox and inpatient treatment can play a critical role in helping addicts first get off substances and then stay off them long enough to develop healthier coping skills.

3. Drug Withdrawals Don’t Have to Be Painful

While suffering from drug withdrawals isn’t a pleasant experience, it doesn’t have to be excruciating. The detoxification phase can be made as comfortable as possible for the circumstance, especially when an addict seeks care from medical professionals at a medical detoxification center. There are medications available that can be used to help alleviate some of the more painful withdrawal symptoms.

Drug addiction involves a physical and/or psychological dependency, which means that coming off the drugs can result in suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to learn the truth about drug withdrawals because the reality is that there are many misconceptions about this phase of treatment. The detoxification phase is an important stage of addiction treatment because it is where the addict finally tapers off all substances and begins the process of their recovery. It doesn’t have to be feared. In fact, going into a medical detox center is the best way to get a handle on drug withdrawals before continuing with thorough intensive treatment.

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