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Drug TreatmentEvery year, millions of Americans seek drug treatment. Many of them get better. Some of them don’t. For chronic drug abusers trying to get sober, understanding why some drug treatment programs succeed and some treatment programs fail can be the difference between life and death.

Drug Treatment Works

A 2004 study found that almost twelve million Americans showed signs of a substance abuse problem. In other words, the study found that almost twelve million Americans showed symptoms of drug addiction. Any way you cut it, that’s a troubling number.

Drug addiction is not a thing to be trifled with. Drug abuse ruins families and relationships. Untreated drug addiction destroys individuals from the inside out, ultimately leaving them unable to find meaning in anything except their self-destructive drug habits. Drug addicts, in the end, are stripped of the very humanness that makes life worth living, of the hope and faith and joy that make tomorrow a thing to be celebrated rather than feared.

The good news, though, is that drug addiction doesn’t have the last word. As noted above, drug rehab has helped millions of Americans get sober and stay sober. Competent drug treatment salvages lives: It restores freedom, and helps drug addicts rediscover themselves as they used to be. But how does it work? How does drug treatment help drug addicts achieve a meaningful state of long-term sobriety? And, again, why do some treatment programs succeed while other drug treatment programs fail?

The Watershed

At The Watershed, we’re committed to helping all of our patients meet their drug recovery goals. To that end, we’re in the business of helping people understanding what exactly treatment is: what it means to be addicted to drugs, and what it means to overcome drug addiction. With that in mind, the information presented here is designed to give prospective patients and their loved ones a broad understanding of the drug treatment process, and to hopefully provide a foundation upon which real healing can be built. There is, in the end, no drug treatment more powerful than the truth. At The Watershed, we know how drug rehab works, and we’d like nothing more than to make it work for you.

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