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Drug Relapse: What To Do If A Sober Support Relapses

Life can be tough in early recovery since drug relapse can regrettably be common for some of your sober supports.  The best way to avoid a drug relapse is to be educated on the signs of relapse  and to know what to do when you feel that you are struggling.  Knowing this kind of information can ultimately save your life, because the results of going back out to use your drug of choice are indefinite and unknown.  Honesty is another huge factor in all stages of recovery, particularly because being honest about what you are feeling and having difficulty with can give you the opportunity to reach out for support, which in turn can prevent a drug relapse.

What if my Sponsor has an alcohol or drug relapse?

When it comes to a drug relapse, the sad truth is that it can happen to any recovering alcoholic and/or addict.  Despite a significant amount of clean time, usually making the alcoholic and/or addict appear and typically be more stable, it does not make them immune to a drug relapse.  It can be both devastating and confusing if you have a 12-step fellowship sponsor that goes back to using.  If this is the case, do not let their actions affect your decisions and beliefs about recovery.  Relapse happens to people, but it does not mean that it will happen to you.  The best thing you can do for your sponsor is to give them their space and remember that they are suffering from the same disease as you with the same feelings of self-doubt.  They need time to heal and focus on themselves at this point.  You can be there for them as a friend and they will most likely appreciate that greatly.  If you do decide to be there as a friend for them, try to avoid making them feel as though they let you down by having a drug relapse, even if you feel they did.  The last thing they need is someone to make them feel any worse than they probably already do.  Being a good friend means being there for the other person as a shoulder to cry on or a person to vent to.

What if my friend has an alcohol or drug relapse?

When it comes to drug relapse happening to your sober supports, or anyone else you know in recovery, it can be very confusing and even challenge your own sobriety.  Don’t forget to focus on you and remember what brought you into recovery in the first place.  You were at  your wit’s end and wanted a better life.  Now that you are here, you shouldn’t let other’s actions affect your own.  As an addict and/or alcoholic, you may feel easily influenced by others, especially by the people that you look up to like sober supports with a good amount of time in recovery.  This is when you have to remember that you are your own person and just because they may have made a decision, it does not mean you have to follow their path.  A great aspect of being in a program for recovery is that you get to learn from other alcoholic and/or addict’s mistakes – you don’t have to learn by making them on your own!  Take suggestions that will better benefit your own sobriety and not lead you to a drug relapse, because no good can come from taking steps backward toward the addiction that very well could take your life at any given unsuspecting moment.

Relapses may happen in recovery, but they are not a requirement 

Drug relapse is not an easy topic to discuss, nor is recovery simple.  When a sponsor or sober support relapses, you may feel as though some of your own hope has been lost.  Try to remember that despite a drug relapse, the people you idolized in recovery have brought you to where you needed to be, and now you get to continue on your journey.  Hopefully any recovering alcoholic and/or addict that has a drug relapse will find their way back into recovery, realizing that a life in active addiction just does not work.  If you have experienced a drug relapse in your recovery, call The Watershed for help today.

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