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How A Drug Detox Program Helps Alleviate Withdrawal Symptoms

withdrawal-symptomsDetoxing from drugs does not have to be a horrible experience. If you have ever detoxed on your couch and experienced horrible withdrawal symptoms, you may be skeptical of how a detox at a treatment center would be like, but the fear of detox should not stop you from going to rehab. Let’s smash some of the myths associated with drug detox so we can better understand the recovery process.

Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

A medical detoxification is a process in which medications are used to help a person slowly and safely detox off their abused substance. This process is medically supervised and monitored to ensure that the patient is safe and comfortable. A drug detox can last anywhere from 3-14 days depending on how much was abused, what was abused, how long the substance was abused for, and the physical condition of the person.  Many withdrawal symptoms are either eased or eradicated completely during the detox.

Common Drug Detox Myths

Some of the myths that surround a medical drug detox actually prevent people from treating their withdrawal symptoms, making the process worse. The myths associated with drug detox are that it will not take away the pain of withdrawal, or that once you detox off drugs you will then be able to stay clean long-term. These myths are not only false, but can be deadly if taken seriously. It’s true that with some drugs a person may be able to detox on their own, although it is still advised to go to a medical detox program regardless, since you do not know how your body will physically react to the withdrawal. Also, many times the struggle of withdrawal will lead people right back to using instead of completing their detox.  If the individual were in a detox program it would be easier for them to continue on with the detox process. Additionally, although not all symptoms may go away during a medical detox, having it done by a professional will help prevent any serious medical risks and greatly reduce physical and mental pain of the withdrawal process.

Drug Rehab

Although attending a drug detox program is a great way to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help kick start your recovery, it is not treatment in itself. Attending a drug rehab program after a medical drug detox is an intricate part of the puzzle when it comes to long-term recovery from drug abuse. Many people believe that if they just kick the drugs, they will be fine, but addiction is so much more than just physical dependence. Drug rehab programs help the substance abuser recover from the physical dependence of drugs as well as the mental obsessions and cravings. Any description that leaves out the mental obsession of drugs for someone that suffers from drug addiction is not accurate. Recovery is a process and it just like any other illness; it takes a treatment plan that includes more than just a few days of detox.

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