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Do I Really Have to Work a Recovery Program?

recovery programWhen it comes to addiction, it’s not unusual for many addicts to find and try any possible way to heal from their addiction other than a recovery program. While there might be other helpful ways to recover from addiction, working a recovery program has certainly helped many addicts not only get sober but also maintain their sobriety as well. But what exactly is a “recovery program” and do addicts really have to “work” it to stay sober?

Understanding Addiction & Recovery

The reality of addiction is that it is a disease, and like any other illness, it requires treatment. Working a recovery program is part of that critical treatment. The term “working a recovery program” can mean that an addict is utilizing all of the tools and resources provided to them in order to get and stay sober. It can even mean that they are putting their best foot forward by “doing the next right thing” and taking care of themselves in a way that keeps them sober. For example, an addict may go to a safe medical detox and inpatient drug rehab, where they work on underlying issues during individual counseling sessions, group therapy, attend 12-Step meetings on/off site, etc.

Even after the course of their rehab stay, a recovering addict can still continue “working” on their recovery program by getting a sponsor, going to 12 Step Fellowship meetings, working the 12 steps, connecting with sober supports, and attending any additional therapy sessions they may need or want. Working a recovery program can even just refer to a recovering addict who is doing what they need to do in order to maintain their recovery from addiction. The reality is nobody is going to “make” an addict do the work to recover. Addiction professionals, sponsors, counselors, and loved ones may support and encourage them, but they can’t force them back to health. Recovery takes hard, continual work. But it’s so worth it.

Treatment for Addiction

Working a recovery program can play a critical role in helping addicts get and stay sober, but a medical detox and inpatient drug rehabilitation program can be a helpful start as they finally get off all the substances in a safe setting. By receiving treatment at a medical detox and drug rehab, addicts are able to get a jump-start at their recovery as support, helpful tools, and coping skills are introduced to them.

Recovery might sound scary to the newcomer, but the reality is that recovery is beautiful. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you do not have to go through it alone. There is hope and you can live a life without the crutch of substances. The Watershed Texas is here to help 24/7. You can finally receive the critical addiction treatment you need with the help of The Watershed Texas. Call The Watershed Texas today at 1-800-861-1768.

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