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DEWshine: Teens Dead After Drinking Racing Fuel And Mountain Dew

DEWSHINE-WATERSHEDA mixture of methanol-based racing fuel and Mountain Dew, DEWshine is the culprit of the recent deaths of two teens from Tennessee, reports the Tennessee Poison Center.


Logan Stephenson, 16, and J.D. Byram have passed away as a direct result of mixing racing fuel with soda to create DEWshine, reports police. Two other teen boys in Tennessee were treated and released for their ingestion of the poisoning concoction. All four boys were form Robertson County. Is this a new trend parents should be warned about?

What Is DEWshine?

Mountain Dew, a subsidiary of Pepsi, actually added a new carbonated soft drink to its family called DEWshine, inspired by the brand’s roots throughout Tennessee, and made with real sugar. On their website, Mountain Dew states, “available legally for the first time,” followed by a disclaimer on their bottles that the soda is non-alcoholic. One still might question Dew’s marketing motives since Mountain Dew and Sun Drops are very popular ingredients to mix with Moonshine (corn liquor), among various groups in the south and mountainous areas – Appalachians being the most popular. The effects are believed to be similar to alcohol, but the problem is that methanol – even in small doses – can be deadly. Although this isn’t a new idea, the fear that officials have is that it might pick up as a trend among teens and young adults throughout the states, so parents should be aware.

Methanol DEWshine Signs and Symptoms


Central Nervous System (CNS) Depression : decreased breathing rate, heart rate, which can lead to a coma or death.

Blurred Vision

Dizziness/ Drowziness


Signs and symptoms can last anywhere from 12-124 hours. If you suspect you or a loved one has ingested Methanol-DEWshine mixture, seek medical attenuation immediately.

The tragic death of these two boys was unwarranted and unnecessary. We hope that young people everywhere understand the serious dangers of ingesting poison, such as methanol, and mixing it with soda. If it’s not meant to go in your body, don’t drink or eat it.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with alcohol or drugs and can’t seem to say no, we can help. Contact us now for more information.

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