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Detox Shampoo: Locks of Lies

Detox-shampoo_TEXASDetox shampoo, which allegedly strips your hair from anything that would make a drug test positive, is one of the new leading ways to cheat a drug test. Most of you know that the most commonly used drug testing method is done via urine. Urine analysis allows you clear results of any use within the past 5 days. However, another common method of drug testing is the testing of hair samples. This method is used often by the court systems and testing hair samples can potentially detect drug or alcohol consumption up to 90 days post use. This allows the courts that test on a regular basis a cost effective alternative as they can test less frequently. This is where detox shampoo comes in; this shampoo claims to help hide drug use that can be detected by a hair follicle test.

Detox Shampoo Can Help You Pass Drug Tests

The truth is that hair follicle drug testing is near impossible to pass if you are a consistent drug user. Knowing this, there have been many companies marketing products that claim to mask unwanted hair toxins. One’s drug use stays evident in their hair follicles up to 90 days after use. When you purchase your detox shampoo online, it’s advertised to be guaranteed that you will pass your hair follicle drug test, but that’s not so true. They don’t tell you that the detox shampoo simply leaves a certain residue on your hairs, making it have a better chance of making your hair follicle drug test results to come back negative. However, detox shampoo may not work the same for heavy drug users. One product (Get Clean) claims that this special “shampoo” coats the hair with an organic film, much like a conditioner. So during testing it would trap the toxins with their product and no results would be found. Others claim that their strong chemical removal formula “penetrates deeply into hair strand to remove virtually all traces of chemical deposits”. One even claimed to remove months or years of drug residue from ends to the roots. Amazingly, they also claimed to have a 94% success rate in reducing toxins to below the detectable rate in a hair strand test. The 8% failure rate is left to the imagination, but suggested more expensive & sophisticated testing technology. Detox shampoo is neither proven to be accurate, nor is it cheap.

Locks Of Lies or Getting Treatment

Having locks of lies only contributes to a long list of deceit that addiction creates, making it hard to get honest and ask for the appropriate help needed. Wanting to pass a drug test doesn’t have to be that difficult; ask for help and detox yourself through a substance abuse treatment center. So instead of you or your wallet taking a hit trying one of these products, why not save your money and try on the treatment experience instead? If you or someone you know is struggling, call 800-853-1614 today or chat live now by clicking here.

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