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How Depression and Anxiety Can Affect an Addict

depression and anxietyIt’s not uncommon for individuals suffering from substance use disorders like addiction to also suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These two mental health problems are common for addicts to have. How exactly does depression and anxiety impact an addict though? While depression and anxiety can make active addiction more chaotic, it can also make recovery tougher if left untreated.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental health problems that can impact the quality of the sufferer’s life when they are not treated properly. Just as active addiction can make an addict’s life unmanageable, depression and anxiety can complicate the person’s life. It’s not unusual for depression and anxiety to cause worry, fear, loneliness, sleep problems, inability to focus, and isolation. As a result, people who suffer from these types of conditions may self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, which hurts more than helps because it leaves them susceptible to substance use disorders like addiction.

Why Does Depression & Anxiety Affect Addicts?

People suffering with anxiety and depression may end up turning to drugs and alcohol, but this will only perpetuate the problem because when they come off the substances, their anxiety and depression will only be greater, leaving them in a vicious back and forth cycle. Some addicts who are early in their recovery may notice themselves not knowing how to handle depression and anxiety after they have self-medicated with drugs and alcohol for so long. This is why it helps to seek treatment initially at a dual diagnosis drug rehab facility so that all issues can be properly addressed and treated accordingly.

Since depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that can require treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and sometimes medication, it’s important to get the help you need. Just the same, it is important for recovering individuals to keep their mental health in check because otherwise, it may leave them susceptible for a drug relapse. Depression, anxiety, and addiction are all under the umbrella of mental health conditions. Just like physical ailments, mental health problems should be treated so that the individual with the condition can lead a healthy, stable life.

If you are stuck in active addiction or self-medicating your mental health problems, The Watershed Texas is here to help. As a dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation facility, The Watershed Texas can help you recover form addiction while treating underlying issues and conditions. Seek help from The Watershed Texas today by calling 1-800-861-1768.

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