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Demi Lovato Avoids Watching Drug Use on TV to Support Her Recovery

drug use on tvSinger and television star Demi Lovato has never kept her recovery from alcohol and drug addiction a secret. In fact, she just celebrated her 6th year in sobriety this past March. Demi Lovato even recently spoke about how she battles for her recovery “every single day” and shared to the public one of the ways she handles potential triggers, which is by avoiding drug use on TV shows.

Demi Lovato Doesn’t Watch Drug Use on TV

During an InStyle interview, Demi Lovato shared about how she is careful about what she watches, especially when it comes to drug use on TV. The talented 25-year-old explained, “If I see coke or pills or even needles, it just puts them in my brain, and I don’t need to see that.”

It’s admirable that Lovato knows what isn’t good for her and is able to work around it. Lovato seems to have a good understanding of what is ideal for her mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. With drug use being as heavily broadcast as it is, it may be tough to avoid unless cut out altogether – which seems to be working for Lovato.

While not every addict has to stop watching their favorite TV shows, it can be a good idea to at least limit the amount of shows with drug use involved, especially when you are in recovery. After all, it’s just what Lovato said, nobody “need(s) to see that,” especially an addict who can be easily triggered by glamorized drug use or even just graphic drug involvement on screen.

How Drug Use Is Portrayed on TV

The amount of drug use on TV can cause a concern, especially when it is glamorized and promoted as enticing to viewers. It can spur curiosity and trigger or reawaken feelings towards drugs. When substances like tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs are advertised on television for billions per year, there’s no denying that it can reel in a potential consumer and ultimately, be partially responsible for them being dependent on the substance. In fact, it has been stated by Stanford Medicine that an estimate of 30% of tobacco and alcohol use by adolescents is due to advertisements. Whether promoting drugs on television shows or through advertising campaigns, the reality is that alcohol and drug use on TV can trigger viewers and wrongfully glamorize substances.

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