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Former NBA Star, Delonte West, Wandering Streets In Hospital Gown

People are worried about the former NBA star, Delonte West, after he was spotted by a fan in a Jack In the Box parking lot in Houston, TX with no shoes and clothes under a hospital gown.

When the fan approached Delonte West, he asked him, “Are you Delonte West?” in which the former NBA star replied, “I used to be but I’m not about that life anymore,” according to TMZ.

What Happened To Delonte West?

According to the Daily Mail, Delonte West, 32, was diagnosed with bipolar in 2008. In 2009, West cut off a police officer while riding his motorcycle which prompted them to pull him over. Police then discovered a shotgun hidden in a guitar case, and two other guns (9mm and .357 magnum) hidden in his pockets along with an eight-and-a-half inch Bowie knife. The NBA vet confessed to officers that he was also on medication during this time. He claimed that he was moving the weapons for his mother. West faced charges for speeding and concealed weapons. He was sentenced in 2010 where he was ordered to serve 40 hours of community service and two years of probation. During this time also Delonte underwent counseling. West eventually left the NBA in 2012.

What’s Going On With Delonte West Now?

As of now, nobody has been able to obtain a follow-up with West on what he is doing or what happened, but since the pictures surfaced, fans are really concerned for his well-being.

If Delonte is suffering from bipolar disorder along with a substance abuse issue, it may be difficult for him to recover on his own. This is why attending an inpatient dual diagnosis rehabilitation center is imperative when combating mental health disorders. For more information on treatment offered by The Watershed, click here: The Watershed Dual Diagnosis Program

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