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Definition Of Addiction: How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

Definition-of-addiction-the-watershed-texasThe definition of addiction is the condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, person, or activity. Explaining an addiction definition however is not as easy to define (addiction definition). Drug addiction and alcoholism can be difficult to diagnose if you are not sure what the symptoms are. Sometimes people judge their behaviors in accordance with what others are doing. If their friends are doing more or less of something, then that will dictate if they have a problem. This is not only a dangerous way to check if you are an addict or alcoholic, but it doesn’t work.

Definition Of Addiction: 7 Criteria

One of the best ways to see if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is by seeing if any of the 7 criteria below applies to you within the same year.

The 7 criteria for substance dependence are:

Definition Of Addiction: High Tolerance

Tolerance is the increased volume of the substance that a person will need in order to attain the high or buzz that they obtained with initial use. The person gradually requires more of a substance in order to feel the same level of effects that they want. Usually addicts and alcoholics find themselves chasing a high that they will not obtain after long periods of use.

Definition Of Addiction: Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can range from any number of symptoms that affect both the mind (emotional) and body (physical). They can occur anywhere from a few hours to a fee days after initial use. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and deadly if the person is not properly medically detoxed.

Definition Of Addiction: Abusing

The person is using the substance more often and in larger quantities then they originally did. The person may even use or drink even when they promised themselves they wouldn’t.

Definition Of Addiction: Controlling Use

Trying to control how much they use or when they use so as to limit intake. The person may even try to quit altogether for any given length of time. They may even find themselves craving more when trying to control their consumption.

Definition Of Addiction: Poor Time Management

Most of their time is spent on drinking, using, or thinking about drinking/using. Even events are based around if they can get drunk or high there. Other obligations become less important and getting high or drunk takes first priority.

Definition Of Addiction: Social Exclusion

Important social gatherings with loved ones or co-workers are often neglected. The person may find themselves avoiding social situations to either drink/use or to hide their substance abuse.

Definition Of Addiction: Known Dangers

The person will get high or drunk knowing that it’s causing serious physical and mental damage. They have lost the power of choice over their substance.

There are millions of addicts and alcoholics that try to quit on their own and find it difficult to stay quit for long. Eventually the insane idea of “just one more” wins out and they find themselves back to where they started. If you or someone you know can identify with at least 3 of the above addiction definition criteria descriptions, the time to get help is right now: 1-800-439-5959

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