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Dangers of Vaping: Researchers Discover Formaldehyde in E-cigs

Popular or not, don’t ignore the dangers of vaping.  New research has just discovered formaldehyde in those trendy e-cigs.

Dangers of Vaping: What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen typically present in cigarette smoke, which raises questions about vaporizing and whether or not it could have just as harmful consequences as traditional cigarette smoking.  E-cigarettes were supposed to prevent an approximate 160,000 deaths associated with lung cancer that were linked to cigarette smoke.  However, a study released by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the formaldehyde found in these e-cigs has the potential to be 15 times worse than regular cigarettes.

The American Cancer Society states that consuming high levels of formaldehyde could lead to various cancers.  Professor James F. Pankow of Portland State University, who co-authored the study, explained, “It’s way too early now from an epidemiological point of view to say how bad [e-cigarettes] are.”  However, he did state these vaporized liquids in e-cigs are serious toxins and also added, “If you are vaping, you probably shouldn’t be using it at a high-voltage setting.”  Pankow was sure to clarify that it was still unknown whether e-cigarettes were more harmful to people than cigarettes.  This recent study had just focused on one specific chemical.  “The jury is really out on how safe these drugs are,” Pankow said.  More studies will need to be conducted on e-cigarettes and on the liquids being placed inside them in order to fully comprehend the dangers of vaping on the body.

Comparison to Cigarettes

Prices for a five pack of e-cigarette flavor cartridges are just about comparable for a standard pack of regular cigarettes.  An entire cartridge of e-cigs carries a liquid of either/or propylene glycol and glycerol, in addition to nicotine.

Time Will Tell

Pankow claims that while China began selling e-cigarettes in 2003, the United States hadn’t started until a few years later in 2006.  It’s going to take at least five to 15 years to track the effects of e-cigarettes and see the true toll it takes on the body.  Being able to track the negative effects that these chemicals have on the body will play a vital role in revealing the truth about the dangers of vaping.

The reality is, putting any chemical besides oxygen directly into your lungs could pose a health issue to your body at some point. The best way to prevent cancer, or any other illness, is to not put harmful chemicals in any form into your body.

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